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inspiration and interiors for very ordinary houses

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ConesOfDunshire Thu 26-Nov-15 11:26:24

I love our house. It's a spacious and well-proportioned Nineties Bryant house, albeit quite a handsome example of the type. There must be millions of people who live in just such houses, but I never, ever see them in interiors features. It's lovely to see beautiful period houses, charming cottages, and amazing modern architecture, but I'd just really like to find some examples of people with houses like mine who have made them really beautiful.

Where can I find such a thing?

lalalonglegs Thu 26-Nov-15 11:38:22

There is a magazine called Real Homes that is a bit more at the normal end of the housing spectrum. I think generally people who are interested in interiors tend to be drawn to properties that can become projects which are usually older and/or unusual. A friend of mine styles houses for sale and she (and similar outfits) have websites with lots of ideas and examples. See here

pinechesterdrawers Fri 27-Nov-15 17:55:53

id like to see more normal people houses too, ones that arent having 120k glass box extensions etc.

i think magazines like "homestyle", "style at home" and "your home" do more normal houses, think 3 bed 1970s semi etc.

id like a website, like Houzz, which has photos of normal houses under 2500 sq ft.

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