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Removal quotes / costs

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nannyl Wed 25-Nov-15 14:06:14

Can anyone tell me what a typical house move costs.

we are moving from a typical size 4 bed house just 2 miles down the road.

I've been quoted £80 / hour for packing and £90 / hour for the removal bit. But no idea how long its expected to take.
Is packing normally done on moving day? or day before?

I have 2 pre-school age children so plan for them to pack everything


OurBlanche Wed 25-Nov-15 14:10:52

We had a 3 bed house packed and moved for us for £950.

They moved us over 2 half days, as that was most convenient for us - and we only moved 15 miles.

So Wednesday afternoon they packed and moved downstairs to the new house and Saturday morning they packed moved upstairs.

The packing took longest but I would guesstimate that they took 10 - 12 hours in all, which seems similar to your hourly rates.

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