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has anybody renovated 70s box exterior?

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SeasonalVag Tue 24-Nov-15 18:13:25

We had our offer accepted on a big double fronted seventies box. The compromise in the end was that I'd get to Tart up the outside.

Going to do a garage conversion and render the house white. Those are things we have decided to do, but regarding the Windows aka white leaded flat fronted monstrosities....I'd like to replace with bay aluminium jobs.

Yay or nay? Will aluminium look naff in ten years? Seems that every renovation I've seen recently is dark I'm not sure if bays would look bad with a shallow 70s roof pitch?

Presumably you can't bay all the Windows or it would look odd....but double storey bays....would they be ok?

mulranna Tue 24-Nov-15 18:17:29

This is my favourite website - take a look thru at the magic...

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