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Roman Blind - Recessed or not - OR Curtains?

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AnnaLP Tue 24-Nov-15 17:28:22

I need new window covering for 2 bedrooms - one is DS's and the end of his bed extends to just under the right-hand side of the window so I want to replace the old curtains with a roman blind as the curtain on that side is always stuffed down the back of the bed (and I hate short curtains).

But just don't know whether to go for recessed or not.

I think a roman blind outside the recess looks better but where he lies in bed there might be a crack of light (because the batten would sit away from the wall?) and the early morning sun would shine in through the crack (I will have a black-out lining).

In the other bedroom (guest room) the position of the bed vs window won't cause a problem with light (still going for blackout lining) so I'm thinking outside the recess. But then I'd quite like the blinds in both bedrooms to be the same style.

Would it be weird to have a roman blind in the recess in a bedroom - with no curtains.

Do recessed roman blinds block too much light from the top of the window?

Who knew there were so many things to think about with roman blinds? Maybe I should just go for curtains!!

Elvish Tue 24-Nov-15 23:22:46

We have recessed Romans in one bedroom, they have a blackout lining and totally block all light. There are no curtains over the outside and they don't look strange to me.

The only thing I don't like about them is that they catch condensation, there is often condensation on the window when I open the blinds when the next room over which has curtains doesn't (same size, style, shape of windows and facing the same way etc)

I think if I had them redone I might put them outside the window recess and sacrifice some of the blackout-ness for less condensation.

AnnaLP Wed 25-Nov-15 13:10:14

Elvish - thank you so much - I hadn't even thought of the condensation issue! One of the rooms has condensation already with just curtains and DS isn't little anymore - probably will soon be having trouble waking him up at all so maybe a crack of light would be a good thing!

JulesLo Wed 25-Nov-15 14:01:25

If, like me, you like looking at what the high-end new home developers have in their show houses blush they almost always have the roman blinds outside the recess if there are no curtains - that lets more light in too as you can raise it up to just below the top of the recess so cut out less light, especially important if using blackout lining.

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