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Gloss kitchens

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gabbybaby Tue 24-Nov-15 15:18:44

are gloss kitchens a bit past their prime? Seems like everyone has one. We need to order our new kitchen in the next few days. We agree on design, style, colours, everything is chosen. Just my DH wants gloss and I want matt! He's very stubborn when he's decided something! What's your thoughts? I can't decide whether to give in or not for the sake of peace (and just getting it ordered already!)

OnePlanOnHouzz Wed 25-Nov-15 19:26:21

Personally I find shiny things harder to keep clean looking than Matt - ie wipe it then dry it and then wipe the smears that still show - verses - wipe it and have a coffee!

If he wants gloss let him keep it spotless !

gabbybaby Thu 26-Nov-15 09:00:55

he doesn't clean! But thanks for your reply. I'm going to continue working on him. We have our final meeting to put the order in with the kitchen designer this weekend, so have to commit one way or the other then!

OurBlanche Thu 26-Nov-15 09:06:09

Take him to a showroom and show him a smear.... tell him to clean it...

We did that a couple of weeks ago, it was very educational and we got a few odd looks from other customers, including one woman who asked to borrow the cleaning cloth I had taken in smile

We will be getting something that does not shine.

BeenAndGone Thu 26-Nov-15 09:07:23

Yes I think they are a swill date quite quickly. I'd go with matt.

VeryPunny Thu 26-Nov-15 09:07:40

I find gloss a doddle to clean - quick wipe with a microfibre cloth and it's done. Never had any problems with streaking. Ours is white so would show any dirt pretty quickly.

Whether or not they are on the way out is another matter!

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