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Changing shower to bath

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Buddhapud Mon 23-Nov-15 09:21:52


We have found a house we would love to buy. The only downside is they have two bathrooms both with walk in showers but no bath ( which we need with 3 kids under 5!). Does anyone know how hard it would be to convert the shower back to a bath and whether it would be expensive. Thanks in advance x

lalalonglegs Mon 23-Nov-15 14:37:42

As long as the space is large enough for a tub, it should be fine. All the plumbing is there so it's just a question of stripping out the shower tray and cubicle (leave the shower itself if possible so you have a nice over-bath one), tee-ing off the pipes that are underneath it or behind the wall to create a feed for the bath taps, routing the bath waste to join the old waste and perhaps a bit of retiling. Decoratively, it would be a problem if the shower cubicle is much wider than the bath tub and you were unable to match the flooring in the gap that was left.

lighteningirl Wed 25-Nov-15 07:39:18

My dh had to do this in our house. We only had a disabled walk in shower with tiles falling off the wall, he bought a cheap B&Q suite ripped out the old suite and put it in in a day. We had to have a cloakroom size sink to fit the bath in but B&Q showed us several design options on their system. The biggest pain is retiling, we patchwork in cheap white tiles as it was a temporary fix and will redo it properly once the rest of the house is finished. I am aiming to keep the suite it's actually gorgeous esp as it was bought to throw away iykwim. If you need to retile it's a longer job but if you've got two bathrooms take your time any bathroom company will be able to tell you if you can fit a bath in.

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