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Will a cream backboard look weird in a white gloss kitchen?

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BlessedandCursedandWon Fri 20-Nov-15 22:01:41

Hi, my husband and I cannot agree on what colour backboard to get for our kitchen and I am turning to mumsnet for help! We have already ordered our kitchen and it is gloss white. I like backboards because they look easy to clean and would be cheaper than tiles. My husband is worried that the White kitchen will look too clinical with a white back board and wants cream. I think it will look odd with cream and am leaning towards white, although I share his concerns. For background, the kitchen is big but north facing and is attached to a conservatory so has no direct light from Windows. We chose the gloss white to make it lighter but I am not massively keen on the ultra modern white kitchen look, hence both dh and I not bring sure about the white backboards. I am concerned that a coloured backboard would make it darker, and I haven't seen one I like. We will either paint the walls cream or, as I read it works really well for north facing rooms, one of those very pale pink tones. Obviously this is a ridiculous amount of angst but I am stuck. What do you think?

janethegirl2 Fri 20-Nov-15 22:03:29

I'd go for a colour as I don't like white and cream together

chipsandpeas Fri 20-Nov-15 22:05:39

imo cream will look odd, either go for white to make it blend in or go for a contrasting colour - then i would have accessories the same as the contrasting colour say if it were red then have red sugar/ bins and towel

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Fri 20-Nov-15 22:06:43

Not white and cream together. It just looks wrong and makes the cream look dirty.

Get a colour like a pale green or bright acqua or red.

Or go for black or grey. A very pale grey would be so much better than cream.

BlessedandCursedandWon Fri 20-Nov-15 22:58:32

Thank you! I think you may have persuaded dh to give up on the cream. I thought I would look dirty too,

Bearbehind Fri 20-Nov-15 23:03:16

IMO white and cream look terrible together.

It doesn't need to be a massive contrast but there needs to be something- it does just look 'dirty' otherwise.

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