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How much to take out a chimney on an internal wall and put in a RSJ

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Palomb Fri 20-Nov-15 18:51:18

That is the name isn't it? RSJ? Or is it a lintel?

We have found a house we like which has a small kitchen and a has a 'lean to' next to it which has been used as a utility. We would like to make the two rooms in to one kitchen diner but the kitchen wall has a fireplace in it which we would need to remove.

How much is that likely to cost? I presume it would need buildings regs approval? Do
You have to pay for that?

Palomb Fri 20-Nov-15 18:51:43

I suppose it's actually an external wall hmm

Marmitelover55 Fri 20-Nov-15 20:13:33

I think rsj is the correct term but our builders just called them steels. We didn't remove s chimney breast though so I'm sorry I can't answer your question grin

buymeabook Fri 20-Nov-15 20:31:17

RSJ (rolled steel joist) is what builders would call it but techincally it would probably be a UB (universal beam). Steels is fine too! A lintel can be used too depending on the size of the opening. It's doing the same thing as a steel beam but normally for smaller spans.

You will definitely need building regulation sign off. I would recommend you get a structural engineer to advise on what you need to do. They will be able to consider things such as whether the stability of the house is affected by opening up. (Though I am an engineer so of course I'd say that...) It depends on the exact arrangement but you can either remove the chimney just up to the ceiling and support it at that level, or take the whole lot out. Difficult to put a price on it but definitely in the thousands.

SmellTheGlove Sat 21-Nov-15 08:43:58

We took out a chimney from back of house over 2 floors, supported by a beam just below the ceiling in upstairs (couldnt put in loft). So a bigger job but cost us -Structural engineer £180, building regs £250, removal of chimney approx £3000. It's a messy job!

Palomb Sat 21-Nov-15 17:28:54

Yes I thought it might be quite a big job but the hide would need a fair bit of work anyway so would be something we'd do immediately. Thank you for the info on prices smile

BasinHaircut Sun 22-Nov-15 07:43:08

I've just had a steel put across the back of my house. It cost just under 2k for the materials and labour, £200 to council for building regs and £300 to structural engineer for calculations. So £2.5k all in, but this wasn't including a chimney removal so I can only assume it would be slightly higher in this case.

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