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Wiper blade arm not moving

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etttvatre Fri 20-Nov-15 14:54:03

I'm hoping this is the right topic for this....couldn't find a car topic anywhere but then again maybe I didn't look properly.

I was driving along the motorway the other day in the rain, I heard a clonking noise and the passenger side wiper blade stopped moving.

The wiper blade feels completely loose so it's like it has come off a joint somewhere. Is this something I can sort out myself? Any ideas of how to do it?

PigletJohn Fri 20-Nov-15 14:59:19

it is most likely the linkage that joins the drives for the two arms together. It has a number of joints inside and I suppose one has broken or become detached. Most unlikely you can repair it yourself.

If you have a workshop manual and plenty of spanners you can look up the job and see how difficult it seems. The linkage, and access to it, varies by car.

etttvatre Fri 20-Nov-15 15:06:29

Thanks PigletJohn.....I've got plenty of tools so will see if I'll attempt it myself.

Have phoned up a few garages for quotes though so I'll decide after I know how much I'd be saving from it wink

PigletJohn Fri 20-Nov-15 16:01:29

your local library will have, or get, the Haynes manual

PigletJohn Fri 20-Nov-15 16:02:41

your local library will have, or get, the Haynes manual.

You may be able to get the maker's manual online or on disk, it will be enormous.

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