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Illuminated bathroom cabinets

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FishenNuggets Thu 19-Nov-15 09:33:01

We got the house re-wired a couple of years ago and intended to put in an illuminated bathroom cabinet but didn't round to it. We never found anything that we like. The wires are hanging out of the wall and we need to get it sorted.

Our budget is £200, but could stretch a little. We're not massively keen on the ones with lots of lights, something simpler, more streamlined. I'm not keen on the ones with the lights that hang out over the top. Too clunky (to me). The problem is I'd really like one with a bit of colour, and everything in our budget is either white or aluminum.

We spent all last night trawling the internet to no avail. Any ideas of somewhere good to look would be very much appreciated!

FishenNuggets Thu 19-Nov-15 20:21:36

Bump : )

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