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How is Chalfont St Giles to bring up kids

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anlon17 Mon 16-Nov-15 12:02:23

My husband and I are looking to move to Chalfont St Giles from London. We are expecting a baby soon.
Was wondering how the area is to bring up kids. And how the schools are? I have only heard good things about the place. Are there any areas to avoid?
What's the most efficient way to commute to London daily for work? Is it better to get the train from Gerrards Cross or Seer Green?
Any information would be very useful!

SilverOldie2 Mon 16-Nov-15 21:57:05

I can't help re commuting but my DSis and BiL lived there with their three children. The local school was excellent and there are grammar schools nearby.

It's a lovely village and I hope you enjoy living there.

OneHandFlapping Mon 16-Nov-15 22:07:48

It was voted the best village to live in a couple of years ago. It has loads of families, and many of the kids go to the village schools, so great if you want to walk to school, and for most of your kids friends to be local.

It has several shops, several pubs and great communications links.

Seer Green is quicker for commuting, but Amersham or Chalfont & Latimer are cheaper, and you have the option of the Met line.

ASailorWentToSeaSeaSea Mon 16-Nov-15 22:29:15

I live in Chalfont St Giles. I love it.

Like many others here, DH and I moved to CSG from London before DC1 started school. Like many others here, we are not originally from London. I'm not even from England.

We have lots of mates here who have lived all over the world or are from other countries along with groups of locals whose families have been here forever. I like that my friend group and my DC's friend groups are not too rich white british conservative (a concern for me before we moved).

DH and I both commute to London, both from Chalfont & Latimer but that because we live that end of the village and the tube is handier for our end destination. Plenty of people commute via Gerrards Cross.

The village school is lovely. The grammars and the community colleges are excellent to the extent I am not particularly bothered about whether my DC pass the 11+ or not, they'll go to a good school either way.

The housing is expensive. There isn't much of it on the market. It's a village not a big town and people tend to stay for years. Finding the right house here can be difficult. Lots of people rent first.

Nowhere to avoid really. Accessibility in snow can be an issue, so think carefully before living down a farm track at the bottom of a hill.

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