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Bathroom Inspiration

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SayrraT Mon 16-Nov-15 08:32:04

We've just bought our first house which is in need of a lot of work. Previous owners had it for 65 years and I don't think they did much in it apart from an extension, house was built in approx. 1890.

We have started with taking down some of the lath and plaster ceilings and walls which were about to fall down and we are definitely putting in a new bathroom. We've decided to move the bathroom to another room, what used to be the kitchen. Current kitchen is in a modern(ish) extension which the previous owners put on, kitchen is the only ok place in the house.

Anyway, we know exactly what type of bathroom suite we want in the house, we are having a clawfoot bath (OH and I have regular bath nights together so wanted a bath with room for us both). Victorian style toilet (not a high cistern, just not modern) and basin plus a separate shower.

We had originally being thinking about cream metro/subway tiles halfway up the wall with a line of sage green around the top. Then we wondered if the cream would make the white suite look funny, or the suite would make the tiles look dirty. What do you think?

The white tiles we got to try out look far too bright (and I don't want the bathroom to look like a public toilet!) so now we were wondering about having a "feature" wall behind the bath (it's going on a short wall (2000mm)) in coloured subway tiles (we like some plum, sage or blue ones we've seen) with cream on the other walls with the same colour from the wall as a line across the top with the rest of the wall painted in cream.

Does anyone have anything like this that they could post a picture of? Or any other suggestions which might suit?

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