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Any advice on Romford for PIL

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dynevoran Sun 15-Nov-15 09:48:15

My PIL are selling their ex local flat in Hackney where they have lived for over 20 years. It hasn't been the safest area over the years but they've always been happy there and there is a good racial mix.

They very much don't want to live in a flat anymore and are nearing retirement and want to pay their mortgage off and buy cash. With the cash remaining we can't find anything in Walthamstow, hackney, chingford, Tottenham or Edmonton. There are a couple of houses in Edmonton but they are so run down and need work which adds to the budget.

Looking on right move we can see lots of decent houses around Romford for around 300k but we don't know the area at all really. They are Nigerian and I want to make sure it's a diverse enough area where they move to and don't want them to be in a massive minority or experience racism. Does anyone know about Romford in general in this respect? Or any particular areas to go for or avoid?

fabulousathome Sun 15-Nov-15 10:06:44

I thought Romford was known for not being very diverse. Have they considered Ilford, Forest Gate, Manor Park or Stratford?

dynevoran Sun 15-Nov-15 10:12:28

The budget isn't finding anything in Stratford, forest gate or manor park. I'll check Ilford. Is Ilford much better bet than Romford do you think?

This was my concern about Romford.

fabulousathome Mon 16-Nov-15 02:03:23

I do think Ilford is a little "cooler" than Romford. It's much nearer London for a start. Both will have Crossrail. Ilford is a short busride from Gants Hill on the Central Line.

Visit Romford on market day and have a look around. It will give you an idea of the people who live/shop there.

Have you looked at Debden and Hainault? I think house prices in both are reasonable.

BasinHaircut Mon 16-Nov-15 12:39:58

I live near Romford no I think they would be fine. Yes, they will be in the minority but not the only Nigerian people.

I don't like Ilford but that's a personal thing I suppose.

dynevoran Mon 16-Nov-15 13:58:11

Thanks all for advice and local knowledge. It's totally fine to be the only Nigerians if they were....Just don't want them to be in a tiny minority of non-white residents really!

Definitely intend to visit market day...great idea.

dynevoran Mon 16-Nov-15 13:58:50

Ilford I'm not finding any houses for 300k. Now checking hainault.

frazzledlondoner Mon 16-Nov-15 15:10:44

Romford is grim. Sorry not very helpful but I really would discourage anyone from moving there...

I also think Ilford is grim, although not quite as bad as Romford and it is more diverse.

Forest Gate will be out of price range unless it's in the really scuzzy bit - house prices there have totally skyrocketed (my mum lives there).

What about South East London? Woolwich? Plumstead?

TomHaverford Mon 16-Nov-15 15:32:40

Try gidea park. Will be on crossrail and lovely houses.

BasinHaircut Mon 16-Nov-15 15:40:40

Really frazzled?

See I would say Ilford is much more grim than Romford and forest gate infinitely more grim than either!

Think it's all about perceptions, expectations and where you grew up.

rubyflipper Mon 16-Nov-15 15:42:10

Ilford is horrid - it's rundown and the high street has had the life sucked out of it from Westfield in Stratford.

Romford is much more racially diverse than it was when I went to school there in the 1980s. There were five black kids when I started in 1983.

There is even a black hair shop in the town centre, which would have been unheard of 10 years ago.

I'd second Gidea Park, which is much nicer and is within walking distance of Romford town centre.

All I can advise is that you pay the area a visit to see what you make of it.

rubyflipper Mon 16-Nov-15 15:44:36

I don't think much of Forest Gate. I grew up there and some relatives still live in FG. The area is dirty and has deteriorated to the point where I don't like walking around at night.

frazzledlondoner Mon 16-Nov-15 15:47:27

forest gate I am biased, my mum lives in Forest Gate and I think it's nice there as East London goes, but I am talking about the Wanstead flats side, not the Romford road side. They're quite different.

rubyflipper Mon 16-Nov-15 15:49:35

The Wanstead Flats and Romford Road sides are like night and day grin.

OP - Hornchurch might be worth a look as well. It's on the District line and has a more suburban feel than Romford.

frazzledlondoner Mon 16-Nov-15 15:52:13

yes exactly ruby. Crazy how much the prices differ too. Mum bought hers for £250 about 10 years ago, now the price has more than doubled and with cross rail it will go up even more...

fortifiedwithtea Mon 16-Nov-15 16:08:15

I would choose Romford. Money is being spent on the town. Morrisons has the old ice rink site and building a new shop. The money raised from the sale the Council is using for a new swimming pool and (hopefully) new rink. Nice facilities to take the DC when you visit PIL wink Also Romford has a hospital (Queens) with an A&E, worth bearing in mind for when the PIL get really old.

Don't know Ilford, but Gants Hill is very Asian and it feels like every other household in my Aunt's road is occupied by a London cabbie driver.

dynevoran Mon 16-Nov-15 17:58:16

Wonderful advice thank you all for taking the time to help. Will look at gidea park as well now. And definitely go to a variety of places for a wander.

CamdenTownie Mon 16-Nov-15 18:09:09

I live quite close to Romford, I often go shopping there and visit for social activities.

I think you're Pil will like it there much more so than the other areas you've listed, I would never ever suggest anyone move to Edmonton.

Romford, imo, is very socially diverse, and has lots going for it, I agree hides park or Harold Wood are good seas to look at.

Good luck

CamdenTownie Mon 16-Nov-15 18:09:46

That should read Gidea Park - sorry

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