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What would you put with this wallpaper?

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orchidnap Sat 14-Nov-15 23:55:42

As title really|!

Furniture will be dark wood.

Mitfordhons Sun 15-Nov-15 00:20:23

A lit match.

orchidnap Sun 15-Nov-15 00:52:24

Really helpful, thanks. biscuit

LeaLeander Sun 15-Nov-15 01:21:19

OP it is nice but as a backdrop to dark wood it is rather masculine. Can you tell us what room it is for and what the furnishings are like? I would try to find an accent color -- green, tomato, deep purple, something -- even cream perhaps -- to lighten things up.

MrsFlorrick Sun 15-Nov-15 01:33:27

It's lovely, Orchid.

I am not sure whether you're doing the whole room or a feature area, ie alcove or chimney breast etc.

I wouldn't go down the purple route. Too dark.

I would look at softer tones and look at shades that were very close to that of the wall paper or just one shade lighter. This would set off the dark wood furniture beautifully.

Oatmeal type colours and softer off whites similar to Farrow and Ball's Clunch, Shaded White, Dimity and London Stone.

Or Little Greene's Mushroom, Limestone and Rolling Fog.

If you chose the paler shades, then for curtains you could go with a linen or cotton with a slight texture which could be a similar shade to the wall paper if it were a feature area.

If the wall paper is for the whole room, I'd look at curtains which were a shade or two darker than the wall paper to help them stand out. Perhaps like the furniture.

If it's the whole room, then I would paint all woodwork completely white. And an eggshell or satin finish. Gloss finish might fight with the wall paper texture.


orchidnap Sun 15-Nov-15 02:39:49

Thanks for your replies!

It's for a bedroom. I wasn't planning to do the whole room in it, I was thinking of having it as a feature. The room has a chimney breast opposite the bed, so two alcove next to it. I was thinking of either doing the wall behind the bed, or the alcove (though wardrobes could be in one?)

Furniture wise we have the tall ikea pax in Black brown, and was planning to get a matching dressing table. Though as we haven't bought it yet this isn't a fixed idea!

orchidnap Sun 15-Nov-15 02:42:04

Current bedroom is very pale, white furniture and Scandi style, so I really wanted a bit of a change. It's always too bright to feel relaxing if that makes sense?

wowfudge Sun 15-Nov-15 07:48:44

Hmm - I am not a big fan of very dark furniture in bedrooms, it can end up feeling very gloomy. How about a colonial style to replace the Scandi? It has more warmth to it I think.

I would use the wallpaper on the wall behind the bed and either keep the white furniture or get natural wood coloured. IKEA's oak finish or white oak finish would work. Creamy coloured walls and accessorise with different textures and finishes for added interest.

Acer77 Sun 15-Nov-15 13:00:20

I know someone who has similar scheme in their bedroom and it's very sophisticated. She has Lombok dark colonial style furniture and a deep mustard silk headboard. Looks lovely. You could have lots of lux textures on the bed - velvet, textured silk etc.

MiniTheMinx Sun 15-Nov-15 13:07:58

Ooh I think it sounds very elegant and a bit hotel. Yes I think it would look lovely with dark furniture.

But you must bring in something lighter or reflective as a feature. Mirrored bedside cabinets or a big central chandelier over bed, or crisp white bedding and then have a throw of some darker colour with some lux texture.

What's on the floor?

orchidnap Sun 15-Nov-15 17:03:11

wowfudge not keen on keeping the white, but oak might be an option, will have a look at that.

Acer77 That sounds nice except the velvet! velvet makes me shudder!

Minitheminx I was thinking of white bedding, with throw and cushions to add a colour. The floor is open to suggestions haha. We haven't moved into the house yet, and the carpet that's down is coming straight up!

MiniTheMinx Sun 15-Nov-15 18:17:29

I disagree with light oak...well not on any fundamental level but it will be too close in depth of colour to the paper. It needs to contrast and dark wood will stand out. That's not to say you should choose heavy imposing furniture.

Do you not like carpet?

MiniTheMinx Sun 15-Nov-15 18:20:10

I would put paper behind bed. I think I would choose a plain wool carpet of the same colour. Paint remaining walls same hue but many many shades lighter.

orchidnap Sun 15-Nov-15 20:38:41

i d like carpet! the house were buying is a doer upper and has 70s swirlfest carpets in! so that particular carpet will come up straight away but may well be replaced with more carpet!

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