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Good or bad idea re painting kitchen cupboard doors?

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BasinHaircut Fri 13-Nov-15 17:02:45

Planning to get kitchen replaced in 2-3 years but as it is part of a big kitchen/diner/family room which we are decorating I'd like to try and spruce it up a bit so the room as a whole doesn't look half decorated/half tired.

The doors are light blue wood grain effect. And yes they are as naff as they sound! The worktops are also blue so we can't really change the colour, but as some of the veneer has started to wear away/peel from water damage, I'm thinking of getting a paint as close to the colour of the doors as possible and just painting over them. Sanding down the damaged bits first of course. Whilst they would still be blue, the fake wood grain would be covered, they would look a bit brighter and fresher, and I would get some cheaply replacement handles (currently round wooden ones). I'm thinking I could do this without removing the doors and could leave the insides as they are, just painting the edges that show.

I know that would be a bit of a half arsed job but there is so much else to do in the house and it would only be for a couple of years hopefully so I'm thinking I might get away with it?

cressetmama Fri 13-Nov-15 17:30:13

Another thread on this page a few days ago covered this and one poster put in a really useful link to advice.

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