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Thermostat Heating

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marilynmonroe Fri 13-Nov-15 17:02:36

This is probably one of the most boring questions that i will ever ask. We've just had our heating fixed and we have set the thermostat to 19 degrees. I have the heating timed to come on at 3pm but even though the temp in the house is below 19 it doesn't come on. Is there any reason? It seems to come on in the morning ok.

Also when it's set to the thermostat does the heating click off when it's reached the required temp?

Before our heating broke we had the heating timed and it came on when it was supposed to and turned off at the set time no matter what the temperature was.

i don't really understand how this thermostat heating is supposed to work. can anyone enlighten me in this truly exciting subject? I need my heating to work properly.

Thank all.

Whatdoiknow31 Fri 13-Nov-15 18:15:34

What did they do to fix your heating?

From what your saying, if the heating is coming on fine in the morning, but not in the afternoon it's a programming issue I.e. User error.

Run through your programmes and check the on / off times and temperatures (if it's a combined thermostat and programmer)

If all looks ok put programmer onto constant / manual to get your heating to come on. Post on here what thermostat / programmer you have and I'll see if I can help more, although I am only of'ee with Honeywell as that's what we install (I only work in office but help customers all the time with what you've described)

In answer to your questions. Yes the heating will turn off when set temperature reached on thermostat or the off time on programmer.

marilynmonroe Fri 13-Nov-15 18:52:49

Thank you for reply. I've checked the programmer and it all seems fine. Will check again tomorrow in the afternoon to see if it comes on when it's set too.

We have a Honeywell. Today I over rode it for the heating to come on. I'm sure it would have come on if we put it on continuous.

The problem we had. Was a broken valve on the boiler so that the radiators we're going off and on all the time and at different times. That all seems fixed now.

With the weather getting colder now I just want to be warm!!

Thank you. Mums net is amazing.

Whatdoiknow31 Fri 13-Nov-15 19:00:13

Ahh sounds like you have a combi and the diverter valve was letting by to the rad circuit when you ran a hot tap?

Unfortunately separate issue to what you now have - otherwise I would have said call back the engineer under the guarantee.

Which model Honeywell? Is it one of the wireless ones? If so check the on temp that you have it set to come on at 3pm, might be too low. Also the batteries might be getting weak sending an intermittent signal to the transmitter - try replacing those. Will be AA's.

Have you managed to get the heating on when switched to manual?

Whatdoiknow31 Fri 13-Nov-15 19:02:51

Scrap that, can read that you over rode - just concerned you didn't have heat :-)

Let me know how you get on tomorrow and I'll see if I can help more.

marilynmonroe Sat 21-Nov-15 15:50:55

hi thought i would come back and tell you that it's all working fine. user (me!) error and in this cold I'm so pleased that I worked it out!

Thank you for all your help!

Whatdoiknow31 Sat 21-Nov-15 23:11:11

Yay, very happy you sorted it out - flipping chilly out there tonight!

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