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Leaking Shower enclosure (again)

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Bladders73 Thu 12-Nov-15 10:46:53

So frustrating, Every 5 years or so our shower enclosure leaks and water appears through our kitchen ceiling.
Last time we ripped the whole shower cubicle, tray wall tiles etc out, replaced the rotten floor. Bought a new stone tray, lined the walls with respatex panels and a new shower enclosure was in 2010.
This morning we have water dripping through the kitchen ceiling again. On very close inspection it appears there has been some movement of the respatex panels on the walls and gaps have appeared between the panels (some I can fit a fingernail into) so naturally water will always find a way and here we are again with the same problem.
Apart from rip it all out and start again (3rd time since we've lived here) is it possible to try and save the enclosure or tray? Is it better to fit 1M wide respatex panels to avoid the possibility of gaps appearing (900 x 900mm enclosure).
Should we rip it all out and start again? It's not something we budgeted for this close to Xmas and last time and I seem to remember it cost about £800 with materials & labour.
Would it be covered by our home insurance? The kitchen ceiling seems intact - the water is dripping through a nail in the edge of the ceiling.
Whats the best way to tackle it? Tear is all out or proceed carefully and try and salvage what we can?
Would help if our plumber turned up but that is another thread....

lalalonglegs Thu 12-Nov-15 16:46:19

I've never used those shower panels but if they have only moved fractionally - enough to allow you to put your fingernail in the crack - can't you silicone around them and reseal that way. As the leak is only at the point of a drip rather than a trickle, the subfloor should dry out in its own time and you can just repaint where there has been any staining on the kitchen ceiling.

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