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NE facing garden - yes or no?

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lolacola1977 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:21:45

We have found a house which ticks all the boxes, except the garden faces NE. My question is - is there anyone out there with similar who could give me an indication of the sun situation? It is 85ft long and about 40ft wide and isn't overlooked (other than by houses to the left and to the right of the one we have found if that makes sense) nothing at the back of the garden except another garden. The main reason we are moving is for a decent garden, so I would hate to move and then find it got zero sunshine - it's obviously the wrong time of year to go and check it out at different times of the day....thanks!

MilkTwoSugarsThanks Wed 11-Nov-15 20:23:29

Honestly? I'd say no. I had a lovely long NE facing garden once and only the bottom 20' got any sun in the winter months.

HidingFromDD Wed 11-Nov-15 20:28:57

I have a NE garden and it's fine. Get sun on the back of the house and patio in the morning, then fills the rest of the garden for most of the day (it's only around 35' long. Only downside is that we lose it in the evening around 7ish but would have thought you'd get a lot if the garden is 85' long. Essentially the bottom half of your garden is the same as the one that backs on to ours, which is south facing grin

DelphiniumBlue Wed 11-Nov-15 20:29:09

I have one of those. Its fine in summer, great when it's really hot because there's always shade. However, sun is at the far end of the garden in the afternoon/ evening, not near the house. From late September/ early October the sun has gone from the garden by mid afternoon. Sun is near the house in the mornings . if you are a morning person its fine. If you like a glass of wine in the evening sun, not so great, unless you are happy to be at the bottom of the garden.

lolacola1977 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:32:50

Thank you, that's what I thought - what about in the summer, as I'm not so fussed about it in the winter.

Palomb Wed 11-Nov-15 20:33:03

I wouldn't if you enjoy gardening. If you're the kind of person that isn't really interested I your outside space then It'd be find but if you're a gardener it'd be super depressing.

My parents house is north facing and is absolutely miserable in winter, it is considerably shorter than 85ft though.

goshhhhhh Wed 11-Nov-15 20:36:38

I have a ne facing garden with lots of trees. I enjoy gardening - it's fine - just need to plant appropriately.

lolacola1977 Wed 11-Nov-15 20:41:12

Thanks, sorry, replied too early / late ?! That is really helpful...It also has a front garden which would obviously get the sun, so in theory we could play out there if we were desperate for the sun. I will ask the people living there as well as it's rented at the moment - hopefully they would be honest about it.

Smellyoulateralligator Wed 11-Nov-15 20:58:07

Ours in NE facing - too dark. We are perpetually in the shade and it means the kitchen lights stay on pretty much all the time.

Ridingthegravytrain Wed 11-Nov-15 21:03:35

I didn't buy a perfect house due to ne facing garden. Viewed it in the height of summer and shade was already creeping across the patio at 3.30pm. Dark kitchen and poss living room and basically any room at the back of the house

Marmitelover55 Wed 11-Nov-15 21:07:02

We have a north east facing garden and it's fine. We get sun in the morning in the kitchen/diner and it's still there til mid afternoon. We have built a raised deck in the bottom right hand corner of the garden and get the sun there from mid-morning til 8pm in the evening in the height of summer.

We don't get much sun in the winter though.

I think a north east facing garden is very different to a north facing one.

MamaDuckling Wed 11-Nov-15 21:08:48

As marmite has said, we get a lovely sun trap at the bottom right corner of ours, and actually much more of it is in sun for a good chunk of the day. Just the side return right by the house that doesn't get much sun.

We have a 35 ft NE facing garden and it's drenched in the sun all day in the summer. We have a patio at the end for evening sun.
It's bad in early spring as well as autumn when you get warm and sunny days but the sun is quite low as then the garden is shady whilst the neighbours across enjoy the sun. But this may well be different for an 85 ft garden.

jevoudrais Wed 11-Nov-15 21:35:45

My Mum's house faces East. She gets sun on the back of the house in the morning and it is at the bottom of the (60ft) garden in the afternoon. I don't see the issue as long as you get some sun, which it sounds like everyone with E/NE gardens still does?

Ours faces South West. I don't adore the heat, so I'm hoping I will still be able to find shade whens summer rolls around.

DansonslaCapucine Wed 11-Nov-15 21:44:57

I have an East facing garden. Slightly NE.

In the summer, it get's the sun until about 6.30pm. Well, the end of the garden does. If it's a nice evening we sit in the front garden, which faces the sea so is much nicer anyway.

Kids happy to play in either garden.

lolacola1977 Wed 11-Nov-15 22:00:44

Thank you all, really helpful, thinking about it, I usually get the kids to play in the shade in our current patio when it's baking hot, so maybe a NE one would suit us better, then can decamp to the end of the garden for a glass of wine in the evening smile love the sound of a garden facing the sea but not sure I can add that to our already long list of requirements!

babydad Thu 12-Nov-15 10:18:53

We have more of an easterly garden that is about 60 ft long. We get the sun completely covering the garden in summer until about 3pm and then the back half continue to get it until 6-7pm. We will be positioning the decking at the back of the garden to benefit from this.
As other posters have said, you will struggle with darkness in the back rooms. We are going to install as much glass as possible to help out with the darkness.
However, if you have the perfect house other than the garden I wouldn't let it stop you purchasing.

pinechesterdrawers Thu 12-Nov-15 11:43:05

Based on others replies, I would consider it if its the perfect house. 85ft long and 40 ft wide seems like a good sized garden to have some sun.

I effectively live in a terrace house as our properties are so close together.

We have a 120ft long house by about 25 ft wide. Its SE garden with mature trees in everyones gardens. In summer our sun in the patio by house is gone by 5pm. Very left bottom corner gets it til about 7pm.

LaFlottes Thu 12-Nov-15 12:47:54

We have a NE garden and it's not that long but we get plenty of sun.

I would go for it! It's only in the winter that you notice it's only the second half of the garden getting the sun, but in spring and summer there is plenty.

lolacola1977 Thu 12-Nov-15 17:57:45

Went and had a look with a compass (!) I think it's more like East but slightly North, if that makes sense...I am still torn...but wonder if the perfect house does actually exist!

SharonBotts Thu 12-Nov-15 18:44:37

What are the differences between a North-facing garden and a NorthEast-facing one? Which is better/worse?

Mishaps Thu 12-Nov-15 18:45:51

Definitely No! I have always taken a compass with me when looking at property and this would be a No No.

VulcanWoman Thu 12-Nov-15 18:51:51

Nice to be able to pick and choose over garden position.

lolacola1977 Thu 12-Nov-15 18:54:23

I think N is worse because NE gets some morning sun, but I'm not 100% sure as I wonder if N gets more evening sun?

Palomb Thu 12-Nov-15 19:08:21

Why the dig Vulcan?

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