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I can't get the Ikea Kitchen planner to it me or is it them?

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Katymac Mon 09-Nov-15 20:14:50

Or is it my laptop

I used to be a whizz at it but now it keeps crashing

lalalonglegs Mon 09-Nov-15 21:39:06

I sometimes find that using it in a different browser (I generally use Chrome but if I swap to Internet Explorer, for example) can help. It is bloody temperamental though.

Katymac Mon 09-Nov-15 21:41:22

Thanks I'm on Firefox....I hate IE, OK I'll try

Thank you for the suggestion

dynevoran Tue 10-Nov-15 11:44:18

Yeah I found was better on ie. But generally sticky and requires much patience.

Katymac Tue 10-Nov-15 12:15:54

when I used it previously It was much better

Ramona75 Tue 10-Nov-15 13:37:18

It works OK for me. Use Google Chrome, it's ace and fast and loading up internet pages.

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