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MrsAlwaysRight Mon 09-Nov-15 16:19:06

I'm having the bathroom re tiled and can't decide what to do about the edges on the half tiled walls and around the window.

The tiles are grey but the edges look more of a brown colour. I can't find a border tile that matches well so need to decide whether to use a metal trim which I'm not usually keen on but doesn't look too bad with tile, leave the edges as they are but not sure whether it will look strange as the edges are a different colour or builder has said when he paints he could paint the top edge of the tile on the half tiled wall but again I'm not usually that keen on how that looks.

Can someone please make the decision for me?! grin Fed up of making bathroom decisions!


MoonlightandMusic Mon 09-Nov-15 22:09:54

Tricky one! What colour are you doing the non tiled bits of wall?

wowfudge Mon 09-Nov-15 22:30:41

I read your post earlier and have remembered we know someone who has a half tiled bathroom and they have painted wood beading fixed to the wall at the top of the tiles. Theirs is painted white as are the walls above, but you could match it to the tiles in satinwood, eggshell or gloss paint. Beading comes in lots of different profiles so you could go for something really simple or something more ornate to go with the style of the room.

MrsAlwaysRight Tue 10-Nov-15 08:22:20

Thanks for replies. I think walls will be painted white to start of with and may go for a colour at some point in the future.

MoonlightandMusic Tue 10-Nov-15 20:15:11

I'd go with wow's idea then - easy to change later too if you want to.

MrsAlwaysRight Fri 13-Nov-15 16:43:40

Thanks all smile

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