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Honest opinion please - walpaper.

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Ningnang2000 Mon 09-Nov-15 08:07:03


I need your help. I'm so indecisive!

What do you think of this wallpaper?

We have a long living room dining room and this would go in section of the wall in the dining room just after the partition bit of the wall (where it's been knocked through). There is slight recess just over a metre wide where this would go.

The walls in the living room are painted Caramel Sand 5 (colour matched from Next's Baked Clay). We wanted something to break up the wall but didn't want anything floral. I really like the colour but nit sire if it is either uber modern or uber traditional!

Also not sure whether to continue the paint into the dining room or go for a different colour. The room runs East to west with a large winow taking up most of one wall and french windows taking up the other wall. White ceiling and white coving. We live in a 70s semi.


DeputyPecksBentBeak Mon 09-Nov-15 08:23:04

I love it! I'd probably keep everything else quite simple, so the same colour for lounge/dining room

Trooperslane Mon 09-Nov-15 08:46:34

I love it! V unusual.

MrsTammySwanson Mon 09-Nov-15 09:41:45

I really don't like it and think it will date badly. Sorry.

Luciferbox Mon 09-Nov-15 09:43:39

Love it!

7to25 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:48:01

It is an update of a very popular (and much copied) paper. It is neither traditional or modern.....that is why it will suit your 70s house.
It is a lovely wallpaper but a bit too popular for me.

7to25 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:48:32

Nor, sorry

HelenF35 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:48:59

I'm afraid I don't like it either. It looks very cheap considering big how expensive it is. I also think it will date badly. I don't like the stars on it at all, if it weren't for them it might look better.

WingMirrorSpider Mon 09-Nov-15 09:49:43

I really like it.

We've got this one which is a similar style but a bit less bold and not quite as dark. It looks lovely in the dining room and has a sandy colour detail which might match your paint.

GoboTheGoat Mon 09-Nov-15 09:56:15

I love it OP. Really really love it.

wowfudge Mon 09-Nov-15 10:08:34

I quite like it, although I find the stars a bit twee, but the price! Ouch. I would want something really different for that kind of money.

duckfilledfattypuss Mon 09-Nov-15 11:07:23

I love it too! Is the print a little big for a space that's only 1 metre wide though?

suzyrut Mon 09-Nov-15 11:49:38

I have the woods wallpaper (without the stars) on one wall in my living room and I love it, it is good quality (hence the price) but it is in a corner out of the way so not a feature wall. I am not sure whether the addition of the stars would make me feel a bit like it should be in a bedroom for night time???

If you like Cole and Son and with the colours/room/space/period you describe I would be tempted to go with this

or even this Hicks Hexagon


Jeffreythegiraffe Mon 09-Nov-15 12:45:30

I like it, but the stars to me make me think it should go in a child's bedroom.

RingDownRingUp Mon 09-Nov-15 12:57:20

Would look lovely in a young child's bedroom but odd in a dining room IMHO.

Lelivre Mon 09-Nov-15 15:11:59

I'm with 7to25 if you love it, have it. Although would it work as well in spring/summer for you. The stars look a bit festive to me.

You have reminded me how I have hankered over Cole and sons Lilly paper for some 10 years...I must keep saving up.

shovetheholly Mon 09-Nov-15 15:48:25

I have the version without the stars in grey with white trees.

It's much better without the stars. I think they ruin the design. I have it in grey, and it looks quite mysterious - a bit like trees in the fog - which I really like. The stars look a bit... weird and childlike to me. It looks like a slightly unsuccessful attempt to bring together two of their best sellers, when each is better on its own.

Buy the version with just trees!! (But of course I am biased).

Lelivre Mon 09-Nov-15 16:31:12

There's something captivating about the paper (sans stars imo) but it's just too creepy for my house <easily alarmed emotion>

shovetheholly Mon 09-Nov-15 16:35:58

grin I suppose it could well come over a bit creepy if you are not someone who loves woods! I was homeless as a teen and took up in them and I feel that a bit of me will always be a wild woman of the trees!! I chose the wallpaper because being in the trees has always been somewhere I feel safe, a refuge, but my best friend says she couldn't sleep with it. And there are loads of horror movies set in woods so it can't just be her!!

Kitsmummy Mon 09-Nov-15 16:44:27

Naff, that bloody tree wallpaper is everywhere!

Ningnang2000 Mon 09-Nov-15 20:39:07

It seems a bit of a marmite design. I'm a swithering now. If it was £20 a roll I would just buy it and see but now wondering if I would be quite so enamoured in summer time. It's actually the deep blue, none floralness and quirkiness of it that is drawing me to it. There is something not quite right hence I was asking for opinions. If I could just find another dark blue based design but it is proving trickier than I thought.

Thanks for your input.

Kitsmummy Mon 09-Nov-15 20:52:27

Farrow and ball do gorgeous wallpapers (lots of dark papers too) but they'll be even pricier

Lelivre Tue 10-Nov-15 15:20:30

shovetheholly oh my that's not right and made me sad ...Sounds like things turned out for you, I hope so anyway.

shovetheholly Tue 10-Nov-15 15:24:22

Oh yes - this was years and years ago! I'm really happy now! I just meant to say that the whole thing gave me a lasting love of woodlands in all their mystery. smile You are so sweet to be concerned.

ningnang - I definitely recommend getting a large sample for colour purposes. I was quite surprised how green the grey was on my version. I think that blue will be quite dark.

bananamonkey Tue 10-Nov-15 15:44:52

I like it, I love the blue colour, now I'm looking up lots of lovely wallpaper!

These are similar prices but I love the bird one,%20950700

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