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Many bathroom questions

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Fragola76 Sun 08-Nov-15 10:02:51

I was wondering if i could get a bit of bathroom advice. I have decided to go down the Victorian bathroom road with traditional style taps. The brands i am hesitating between are Burlington, Bristan, Heritage, Lefroy Brooks and Imperial. I have read all the threads discussing them, but i'm still a bit unsure about what brand is best overall (quality, not price and not looks).

1-Bristan-I understand they are very reliable, basin taps have been discussed at length but not really showers. Anyone able to tell me if showers are good as well? I'm thinking of this for example

(I know Aqualisa comes highly recommended but i'm not super keen on them for the look i'm going for)

2-Out of the other brands, could you tell me which ones are best and which ones are best avoided? Are any of them actually better quality than Bristan?

3-Imperial and Heritage have nice vanities, if i decided not to go for these brands, is it likely that i'd still be able to fit a basin from another brand on one of their vanities?

4-Has anyone got any feedback from using

5-Has anyone seen the showroom in York or ordered from them online? If yes can you share your experience?

Thanks in advance, will be hugely grateful for any contributions and feedback about experiences with these brands

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