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Best for keeping in heat? lined curtains or blinds

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swiftkick Sat 07-Nov-15 11:54:53

We are moving into our new house- DS's room is North facing and our house is 100 years old so I want to make his room as cosy as possible. I think lined curtains are the best option but OH thinks blinds are best for keeping heat in...? Oh wise women of Mumsnet who is right?

OliviaBenson Sat 07-Nov-15 12:48:36

I've got both! Lined and interlined curtains and a lined and interlined blind. Makes a huge difference!

specialsubject Sun 08-Nov-15 13:36:45

I would also say both. And make sure you have curtain rails, not silly farty poles (this house is plagued with them) - poles stand away from the window and so all the heat escapes. That is what pelmets would prevent but the mere mention of those is a mumsnet crime.

bookbook Sun 08-Nov-15 14:02:18

We have thermal blackout blinds in the recesses of the windows in all the bedrooms/bathroom and then lined thermal curtains in the bedrooms and lined roman blinds in the bathroom. Does make a difference.

Ningnang2000 Mon 09-Nov-15 09:40:47

Both. But if you were to opt for just one I would go for the curtains. Long term if you are up for it we put under floor insulation in our very cold house and it helps a lot. It also stopped the spiders getting g in!

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