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Chain fallen apart again!

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KikiShack Thu 05-Nov-15 04:09:37

Can't sleep because I'm so fed up with this.

Fell in love with house1 in march so put an offer in and hurriedly got our flat on the market.
Missed out on house1 to a cash buyer with a lower offer. Fine.

Flat sold in April, found house2 and had offer accepted a few days later.

Buyers (FTB) got spooked by something small in the survey and rather than get a report etc to check it out they just backed out in May. Fine!

Got another buyer in May (FTB again). Progress was unbelievably slow - eg survey not booked until Aug! During this time and with spare time on our hands we looked round house2 with builder FIL who flagged some stuff he didn't like (non compliant loft conversion done probably 60-70s but no evidence of date )

Consulted solicitor, FIL and MN and universal opinion was back out. So we did end of July.

Our buyers stuck with us - remember they still hadn't done their survey by this point!

Found house3 chain free and had offer accepted in Sep. Been aiming for mid Nov exchange. Chasing date this week and just heard our buyers who have just had a baby a week ago have also just had a redundancy (H) so their mortgage is cancelled.

Told house3 and they're very sympathetic but have already paid out for rental accom and storage and decided to go back on the market tmrw.

So looks like we're back on the market tmrw too!

I can't bear it!

We have a good budget and aren't thaaaat fussy but we're moving out of London to southampton so viewings etc are a real pain. Got a toddler and just started TTC DC2 so really don't want the hassle of keeping the fucking house search going for another 2,4, 6 months etc.

I know in the grand scheme of things it could be a lot worse but I'm so pissed off. Really feel for our poor buyers who must be terrified so I can't even channel my anger into hatred for them!

We might get a new offer over the weekend and be able to get house3 off the market immediately especially since the market has gone up since we accepted offer in May so if we're happy to accept a 'low' offer in today's money it's likely to be very quick but still...THE HASSLE! I wanted to be moved by Christmas. I initially wanted to be moved by August.

Just ranting.

If anyone wants to buy a nice 2 bed period conversion gf with a fanatic garden in forest hill for 430ish PM me!

00100001 Thu 05-Nov-15 07:13:08

I know how you feel (to a smaller degree) we're buying and it's just a nightmare. We've had two fall through for various reasons, make sme wonder if we'll ever move!

What's most frustrating for us is - my SIL and BIL went to buy their first house, an they completed within a week!! envy My friends, FTBs, also compelted within 6 weeks.


But we're trying to think positive and think "it wasn't meant to be - that's not where we're supposed to live etc" smile

Bimblywibble Thu 05-Nov-15 08:21:45

You poor sods. Long distance hpusehunting is draining at the best of times, let alone with a toddler and pg. Fingers crossed you sell your flat in a heartbeat and house3 doesn't, and suddenly it's all back on. Stranger things have happened! That's a great budget for Soton too.

HeadDreamer Thu 05-Nov-15 09:23:30

Fingers crossed for you. This house selling and buying business is a real pain. If you are doing long distance, it's even worse.

But hopefully everything will work out for you this time. And welcome to Southampton. It's a lovely place.

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 05-Nov-15 09:31:26

God what a nightmare. We had a hellish time buying too, so I feel your pain.

On the plus side property in Forest Hill is flying off the market, my friends sold their dingy basement flat just over a year ago for the full asking price (and a 110k profit shock ) last year the day they put it on the market, and they had a queue of backup buyers, so you shouldn't have any problem selling (again!)

KikiShack Thu 05-Nov-15 11:08:48

Thanks vipers for your words of encouragement- just what I needed to lift my spirits smile

They've put the flat on for May's sale price and got viewings for this afternoon already. I can't be bothered with sealed bids etc but hopefully we can secure a few K more than last time to cover our costs and a spa weekend for me in the next few days.

Really glad we tidied before we left last night for a couple of days away and got cleaner coming today. This just might work out...

Needmoresleep Thu 05-Nov-15 13:18:05

If you can't be bothered with sealed bids, tell your agent you are looking for a good, chain free, buyer. If there is more than one offer get him to check the status of each, whether their mortgage is in place and an idea of how long each is likely to take. (Good sign is when they know which solicitor they will use etc.) Tell him to lay on thick that this is a competitive market and that you chose not to go to sealed bids so they have done well. Any messing around and it is back on the market.

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