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Easiest way to strip paint from mantlepiece

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ShelaghTurner Tue 03-Nov-15 13:33:46

It was painted white against my wishes and the job was pretty crazily done so it's started to scuff badly. As I want to paint walls white I want to strip paint and varnish instead. What's the best way of stripping it? It has two feeble coats of paint but needs a bit more than sanding.

ShelaghTurner Tue 03-Nov-15 13:34:52

*crappily done!

AliceInUnderpants Tue 03-Nov-15 15:09:05

Heat gun?

bilbodog Tue 03-Nov-15 17:53:32

Heat guns can sometimes burn wood if you are not careful. I've used nitromorse which is very toxic so you need to wear gloves and be careful.

ShelaghTurner Tue 03-Nov-15 18:22:22

Thanks. I'll look into both.

herethereandeverywhere Tue 03-Nov-15 21:55:20

Use a poultice stripper (google it) - nitromorse is useless these days since they banned the best active ingredient in it!

I did my bannisters and fireplaces (marble not wood) with poultice stripper - my only word of caution would be to not use too much water to rinse off as it causes the wood to crack/split open.

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