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Painting when walls have been lined

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Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 12:02:01

Any easy short cuts with this? We are gradually getting peeling lining paper off and painting over but short of re plastering the whole house, is there an easy way round this? I feel like we are just creating a newly painted but bodged looking job as the paint is going on uneven and sort of sticky despite lots of work getting paper off , washing and drying out .
Decorating is becoming so disheartening as it just always looks awful despite lots of money and hard work going in!

cherrrycola Mon 02-Nov-15 12:23:51

We gave in and got re skimmed ! Was a massive upheaval with the dc but the final result was worth it!

wowfudge Mon 02-Nov-15 12:45:14

Re-paper and paint that. A hell of a lot cheaper than skimming the walls.

PigletJohn Mon 02-Nov-15 12:52:20

To get the paste residue off, spray with warm water and use a broad metal scraper to get the sludge off.

Apply one or, better, two mist coats on any unpainted plaster or filler with a brush before you decide if it needs more work or is already perfect.

White matt emulsion is cheapest for mist and prep coats.

PigletJohn Mon 02-Nov-15 12:53:41

Btw if they were lined it was probably to hide bad plaster.

Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 12:55:13

Thanks for the replies .
Hm I think I need to accept that we are wasting time and money the way we are doing things and re skim or paper. Just been going at it again on the wall in our bedroom and it looks worse than when I started!
We had a bit of money earlier in the year and got a quote from a decorator for downstairs but he never got back to us after we asked about adding something in (coving) and we ended up doing the garden up instead with the money.
There is a lot to be done to the house and the longer we are here , the more I wonder about whether we would be better off just waiting and doing things properly all at once (need new kitchen at some point, but of a layout change and something doing with dodgey extension )

LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:04:12

Having spent 5weeks removing wallpaper from EVERY surface in the house (ceilings inclusive), I'd say it's worth it. It made me cry more than once though haha! Steamer and a scraper. We had to do it to get the walls skimmed as there were too many layers to go over. I'm not sure what the rules are for removing existing coverings before skimming. Can't beat fresh and clean walls!

Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 13:08:54

Thanks yes it really is a pain. Every wall is lined pretty much -well not the bathroom, that has a mural on...

Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 13:10:39

Had part of the kitchen skimmed and artex removed and it was expensive -i think we really underestimated the work here. Or I underestimated my tolerance levels for doing it all gradually . Problem with the gradual approach is knowing where to start!

LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:23:24

We are lucky that we bought a complete renovation job- so we were fully prepared for what was coming. Wall knocking down and loft conversion inclusive, as well as moving a bathroom upstairs. In some rooms we took the walls back to bare brick. Once you're out the other side you really appreciate what you've done. I got a sofa the other day. First time I've sat on one (in my own house) for 6months. To say I was emotional is an understatement grin

LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:24:45

Do as much of it yourself as you can is also my advice. Skimming not so much, but prep work and after work def saved money. Even chipping the artex on the ceilings to make them flat to skim will save you money!

Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 13:29:43

Thanks and good advice.
I bet it's lovely having it done! I think part of the problem we have is its liveable and will never be beautiful anyway it's more just getting things looking a bit nicer if that makes sense but long term we will sort the extension out and make it a proper more useable one so it makes it seem wrong to spend much on the shorter term stuff especially if it would be re done then anyway .

LittlePie14 Mon 02-Nov-15 13:39:11

Ah yeah if it's a quick fix then make life easier for yourself. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. But I'm an "all or nothing" girl and didn't want to get it part done, just to settle in and start again. Good luck!

Used2bthin Mon 02-Nov-15 13:42:42

I'm the same which is the problem I think-i want it all done now!

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