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Replacing an old electricity meter

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AalyaSecura Sun 01-Nov-15 15:17:19

I want to get rid of / replace an old electricity meter, it's v big and in an awkward space. But I'm not sure how I go about this, and the costs associated to it. Also, I'm wondering if it'll be getting replaced by a smart meter any time soon, which will solve the problem. Apparently we fall under SWEB, which is owned by EDF Energy. Anyone know about this stuff?

PigletJohn Sun 01-Nov-15 15:58:12

does it have rotating hands on clock-face dials?

Meters are supposed to be changed every 25 years or so to ensure they are in good order (they are tested and re-issued).

The network company owns the meter and has no great interest in changing them for your preference. If you were getting solar panels they would have to change it for a modern one to prevent it going backwards. If there is any sign of damage, overheating or tar dripping out, they will change it.

However they do like to have meters on the outside of the house, so that they can read them or cut you off when you're out. If you write to them (don't phone) and say you are often out and would they like to move it outside, they might do it for nothing. Consult a qualified electrician to see if the meter tails or the main earth bond (both belong to you) are in good condition and of adequate size, and get that done (at your expense) at the same time. If you have more than one consumer unit you ought to have a Main Switch (yours) so the whole installation can be turned off with one flick, in an emergency or for maintenance.

I suppose you could ask the DNO. On your electricity bill it will say something at the bottom of the page like
"Electricity Distributor:
Whizzo Electric Power Distribution, Hilly Road,
Littletown, Someplace SP01 9XY
Call 0800 000 12345"

and a very long meterpoint number beginning with an "S"

which is not the same as the company that sends the bill.

AalyaSecura Sun 01-Nov-15 17:24:27

Thanks PigletJohn, I hadn't realised they had a 25 year life, I suspect it's not that old - it's got the numbers ticking over at the top and a circular disc rotating below, so more modern than the clock-type. Just in an awkward place that I want to use for something else! Will look into getting it moved outside, and chat to our friendly local electrician too - thanks for that!

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