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More plumbing woes- advice please

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whataboutbob Tue 27-Oct-15 20:12:45

I have posted before about my dad's student rental flat, the management of which I have had to take over through power of attorney- there has been a long chain of problems to manage over the last 3 years, as I guess Dad had let the place get run down (he now has Alzheimers).
Anyway, the latest issue is water gushing around the shower room floor and also now on the hall wall, behind the shower head. The letting agents got their contractors in and they have found the following, which they want £1390 plus VAT to fix:"we suspect that this has been caused by a leaking shower valve as there is evidence of blown and stained plaster in the hall directly behind the valve. The silicon sealant appears to be in a sound condition so is unlikely to be the cause. The boxing in to the right of the shower entrance sits slightly lower than the shower tray which then creates a water trap. The boxing in should be raised ever so slightly to solve this problem.".....
"Our recommendation is to remove the shower screen, shower tray, plinth and flooring, including a section in the hall that has been affected.
Depending on how the shower tray has been fitted, it may be possible to reinstate the existing tray and screen in order to keep costs down.
Once removed we will be able to confirm the exact cause of the leak.
If it is confirmed to be the valve, we will open up the wall in the hall to gain access and repair as this again will keep costs down rather than removing the tiles from the bathroom wall. "
Does this sound reasonable? Really I have no idea a) what is causing the water to build up on the bathroom floor and wall behind shower b) if this is a fair price for the work?
I am wondering whether it could be the water pipes to the shower. Have just had all the radiator pipes replaced as they were apparently disintegrating. I note they have not attempted to check the pipes.
Thanks for reading this far! Any comments or advice would be most welcome. I don't want to rush in with inappropriate work, or pay over the odds.

wowfudge Tue 27-Oct-15 23:26:42

Get another plumber to take a look and give their report and quote. Ask for a breakdown of the costs too.

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