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How much does a floor tiler charge?

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evrybuddy Tue 27-Oct-15 17:32:13

How much would it cost and how long would it take - (ballpark figures welcome!) for 25 M2 if we supply the tiles?

How long's a piece of string maybe?

We're looking at a 25 square metre room - rectangular - no funny angles.

Does the customer usually buy the tiles and have them delivered?

Does the tiler usually supply his own sticky stuff etc etc?

Loumate666 Wed 28-Oct-15 07:56:55

Id say 2 days work (one to do the middle, one to do the edges and grout). Labour around £200 per day (+vat if registered) in Sussex, London prob add 50%. You pay for all materials but ask the tiler to recommend adhesive and grout and put through their account to hopefully get their discount. So I'd say somewhere between £500 and £600 is about right, more if they need to board or latex the floor before laying to get it smooth and even more if you're asking them to remove whatever's there at the moment. Biggest problem in my experience is finding one available and then them turning up when they say. Personally, I'd buy the tiles myself, I've managed to get 1/2 of the showroom price (from £80 sqm to £40sqm). If the builder was supply, I'd never be sure that all the discount was being passed on although accepting that there should be a reasonable margin to supply).

Loumate666 Wed 28-Oct-15 08:17:04

I should have added that size of tiles matter...obviously fewer big ones (say 800s) go down much quicker than more small ones..

evrybuddy Wed 28-Oct-15 14:59:14

Thanks for that - we're probably looking at 600 x 600 tiles.

The floor will be concrete and will need levelling I think.

I'm guessing with that self-levelling stuff.

Do you know how long it takes to do that and how much it costs?

suzyrut Wed 28-Oct-15 15:27:55

Just had my floor self levelled, we're having Karndean rather than tiles so not sure if there is a difference but it cost £450 (south east). It only took him a few hours to get it down and he's done a lovely job but the faff was that as it was the whole of our downstairs we couldn't get in or out of the house until it was dried 4 hours later and all our furniture/fridge etc. had to live in the garden whilst it was done.

I think it's up to you what you supply and what you don't, I'm having some wall tiling done (this is all part of new kitchen) and I've bought the grout and sealant as well because I wanted a particular one to go with the tiles. I don't think you have to though.

evrybuddy Wed 28-Oct-15 19:26:00

Thanks suzyrut - is the finish, after self-levelling, something you could live with for a bit?

Is it more tolerable than concrete? Or is it quite similar?

Just, I don't think we could put up with the rough concrete for long but it might be a while before we get to the tiling bit...

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