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Dividing a large open plan room. Curtains? Screens?

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magicpuppy Sun 25-Oct-15 12:03:32

We are renting a house with a large open plan living area. It contains kitchen, dining area, sitting room and office area in one space.

I am fed up with the current set up and with winter on it's way I'd love to separate the sitting room section in some way to make it warmer and more cosy.

Whatever we do will have to be temporary and cost is a big issue too so need low budget as possible.

The main problem is the room is an irregular shape. I can do it by closing off 2 sides. One side is over 13ft and due to the shape the other side is 5ft.

I am considering some sort of curtain rail at the moment but maybe some sort of screens would work.

I've only just started thinking about it so any ideas are welcome.

SwedishEdith Sun 25-Oct-15 12:05:29

Not sure how curtain would look. Could you buy some Ikea storage (Kallax) and use that? At least you could take it with you if you move.

magicpuppy Sun 25-Oct-15 12:10:03

I've been thinking about something like the Kallax units but I don't know if they would give me the cosy feeling I want.

Hoping to move next year but stuck here for now unfortuntely.

Titsywoo Sun 25-Oct-15 12:13:57

Bookshelves? Open so you can see books from other side but books form a wall.

catbasilio Mon 26-Oct-15 09:49:30

As you are in rented, I would think that either furniture or IKEA sliding panels would be your best bet. You could do Kallax or shelves and wallpaper the back side to make "the feature".
I don't know much about Ikea sliding panels, but they are good if you are allowed to drill.

I had an open plan L shaped kitchen/diner/living room myself and I opted for partition wall with double doors. My living room is now very cozy (3.2m x 3.2m) but it is square, fits 2 sofas, TV and a bookshelve and I can part-open up to the dining space if I want to. Best of both worlds, however this is unlikely to suit you.

magicpuppy Mon 26-Oct-15 10:28:38

Thanks for the replies.

I've looked at the Ikea panels and they look perfect.

Space in the area I want to section off is limited so the less bulky the better.

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