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Someone sabotaged our sale

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polexiaaphrodesia Thu 22-Oct-15 16:39:38

We received an offer on our house on Monday evening which we accepted. Today, the estate agent has called to say that the buyer has withdrawn their offer as they have been to the road we live on and spoken to some of the neighbours who have told them that our two neighbours opposite sit outside their houses at all hours drinking, smoking and shouting.

This is a complete fabrication – we have lived in our house for 4 years now and have never witnessed this behaviour or anything like it! The neighbours opposite us are all are all families with young children who occasionally have a chat together outside their front doors at the weekend just as you would with any neighbour.

We live on a new build estate and the neighbours opposite live in the affordable housing which I guess may have some stigma attached to it for some potential buyers (as I said, we have never had any issues) but I don’t understand why anyone would make up lies like these!

I am just so angry and upset. Thankfully we hadn’t found somewhere to move to and hadn’t spent any money on the surveys so I guess we have to chalk it up to being ‘one of those things’ but how on earth do I stop this from happening again? Does anyone have any advice or has anyone been in a similar situation?

Hissy Thu 22-Oct-15 16:49:34

The buyer has got cold feet and is lying. Nobody sabotaged the sale, the buyer made it up.

BSites Thu 22-Oct-15 16:52:49

Agree with Hissy, sounds like an excuse.

Wishful80smontage Thu 22-Oct-15 16:56:13

They were an unreliable buyer best to happen arly on like this- out buyer pulled out last minute after we'd paid for searches etc complete pita- someone else will be along soon.

polexiaaphrodesia Thu 22-Oct-15 17:01:15

Thanks for the advice, I just think it's quite an elaborate excuse - why go to the trouble of making something up like that when you could just say actually, I've found something else I like more or we've decided to stay put.

I'm getting a bit cynical and think it could be a play either by the buyer or the EA to get us to panic and reduce the price for a quick sale but probably overthinking things!

Have been on the phone to the EA and have 2 viewings booked for this weekend already so hopefully we won't be waiting too long to get another offer.

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Thu 22-Oct-15 22:46:09

Sorry to hear this OP sad We had a buyer pull out in similar circumstances a few years back - big period house in very naice conservation area where some affordable housing had been built on the corner about five doors away. Buyer said they were exploring the area when someone at that end of the road "was rude" to them hmm......we overthought it at the time and Ibgot paranoid we'd never sell. It took a few weeks - these were niche market, expensive properties - but we found a new buyer who actually offered more!

It's easy to say, but I'm sure there's nothing sinister going on and you'll find another buyer soon.

Hissy Fri 23-Oct-15 17:43:11

My parents had a viewer that said they were going to offer full asking on the way home etc etc.

Then they called my parents and said that the husband had a heart attack on the way home or something , so they couldn't carry on with the sale.

My parents accepted this. They happened to mention the heart attack to the estate agent who knew nothing of it, and what's more they were still looking for a house to buy.

Some people at just bloody odd!

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