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Moving house and replumbing

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rumred Wed 21-Oct-15 20:06:08

I haven't moved for 25 years so can't remember details about it. I'm moving next month and want to take my washing machine and free standing gas cooker. Do I need a plumber or do removal companies sort it? I think I can sort the washing machine but no experience of cookers and gas

PigletJohn Wed 21-Oct-15 21:48:00

A free standing gas cooker will have a rubber hose with a bayonet connector that is intended to be easy for a householder to detach with a push, twist, pull action, but they do often leak a bit when old, so it would be preferable to have a gas fitter (not a plumber) attend. If it leaks he could then cap it off. I would expect him to do a soundness test (at the gas meter, using a manometer) to be certain.

A free standing gas cooker may be connected to the electricity, for the ignition, oven light and clock, but this would normally be by an ordinary plug and socket.

(Electric cookers need more power and are hard-wired)

the cooker ought to be attached to the wall with a safety chain to prevent it falling over if someone swings or stands on the oven door, but this is often missing. You should be able to unclip it like a dog's lead, but have a look.

wowfudge Wed 21-Oct-15 21:59:51

With your washing machine do you still have the transit bolts which prevent the drum from moving when it's in transit? If not, worth contacting the manufacturer for a set. Easy to disconnect yourself.

rumred Wed 21-Oct-15 22:55:54

Brilliant thank you. Will check it all out at weekend. Got the bolts still so must dig them out and see what I can do

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