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Need some advice on Sunbury/Feltham/Weybridge/Ashford (Surrey)

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newbieme15 Tue 20-Oct-15 22:37:52

Hi, we have a budget of around 320K and would like to buy a 2bed house(ideally) either in Sunbury, Weybridge, Feltham or Ashford. we have a DD 3months old and though I'm currently on maternity leave, I plan to go back to work mid next year.

Like scores of other peeps, we would like somewhere quite green and safe with good schools and an easy 30ish minute commute to London, so suggestion for any other area is welcome smile

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or pointers about where to live, or things to watch out for when looking at properties or roads. Thanks!

Artistic Sun 25-Oct-15 23:33:14

For your budget you can buy a decent house in the 'good ' parts of some of your mentioned areas & 'not so great' parts of some areas. I'd say pick the former. Ashford is a nice place with decent schools & good community. Good train links. If you want to be near the river then sunbury is good. Avoid feltham as I've only heard poor things about it. Wet bridge would be rather expensive (I think).

WingsClipped Mon 26-Oct-15 07:07:50

Feltham is just a massive no no to me. Not somewhere I would want to live and I don't think it's particularly green either. Weybridge is expensive and for your budget would only get you a flat.
Ashford has some nice houses and is good value for money. The high street is not very interesting but it is very close to Staines which has a better selection of shops.
Sunbury is also a good option but you want to go for Lower Sunbury on the bottom part of the M3 and not Sunbury Cross or anything above the M3 on the map. It's like two different worlds and the price reflects that as well.
There's not loads of housing in your budget in Lower Sunbury but keep an eye out and you might find a good doer upper. Lower Sunbury is the green bit, it has the river which is great for duck feeding, the lovely walled garden cafe (one of my fave places for a slice of cake and a book). The village green is lovely and definitely feels like you are out of London. There's not many shops in Sunbury village but there are direct bus links to Kingston and to Staines. The only downfall to Sunbury is that it's about 50mins direct train to Waterloo as its on the slow line.

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