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Flooring for open plan downstairs?

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marzipancustard Mon 19-Oct-15 19:01:31

We live in a very old (250+ yrs) characterful cottage. The downstairs is all open plan, so from the front door you step into the living room cum dining room cum kitchen. We're planning an extension so will be redoing most things in here, but unsure as to what floor we should get?

Currently we have minging cream carpet in the living room/dining area (which matches the rest of the house, is tired and dirty and I hate it) and then terracotta tiles in the corner where the kitchen is. I have a particular hatred for flooring that isn't consistent throughout a room.

So in keeping with our exposed stone walls, beams etc what floor should we go for? I was thinking either wood or stone to be in keeping with the period, as most of the other older properties in our area have this. Then I thought we could have a big rug in the living room area. Thing is, we're planning little people in the next year or two, and I don't think stone floor and tiny heads is really a good idea! So as a compromise I was thinking stone effect lino? With the rug still. I thought it could help us make up our minds about whether we want stone forever, and is about 1/4 cheaper (money will be tight after the work we're doing).

Any ideas?

TheOriginalWinkly Mon 19-Oct-15 19:05:38

Stone effect amtico? It looks good, in my opinion, and is less cold, more hard wearing and more child friendly than stone.

lalalonglegs Mon 19-Oct-15 19:16:36

Stone/tile floors are completely the norm in uch of Europea nd I'm not aware of there being a higher than UK average infant head injury rate in those countries. If you like stone, then have it. I think it would look great but would recommend UFH with it. I'm not a fan of look-a-like vinyls/laminates etc especially over a large area.

FishOn Mon 19-Oct-15 19:24:22

I think wood would be nicer than stone or lino - and a bit warmer maybe?

Our whole main floor is open plan and we have hardwood, with a large wool rug in the living room and a sisal one under the dining room table.

All my friends with little people have the same (everyone's got open plan and wood floors here) and the only diff is they don't have a rug under the dining table because the kids make a mess grin

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