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Flat or sloped ceiling with skylights ?

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Systine Mon 19-Oct-15 11:09:43

Hi i’m after some advice or guidance as I’ve been saving for years and don’t want to get this wrong, I’m planning an extension to my end terraced house. It will be 6 meters across the entire back of the property and 4 meters out. It will be single storey and south facing.

We've decided to go for a pitched roof (3.7meters max and 2.2meters min).

However what I am totally unsure of is what selling to have with the skylights.

1) Flat + sloped. Flat at around 2.5m and sloped to 2.2m.
2) sloped as the roof tilts.

What is your advice? Many thanks!

Systine Mon 19-Oct-15 14:11:52

Any advice would be great! Thanks!

Systine Mon 19-Oct-15 22:00:36

Which ceiling did you use for your pitched roof? Thanks!

Spickle Tue 20-Oct-15 07:44:18

We've just had a pitched roof added to our extension and it meets the roof at a slightly shallower pitch (chalet bungalow). We decided to have veluxes put into the sloping ceiling rather than go with a lantern on a flat roof. The veluxes throw a lot of light into the room at a larger angle than a lantern would, but I think both options are great and as you're south facing, I assume it would be light enough whatever you choose.

SoupDragon Tue 20-Oct-15 07:55:40

When I imagine a similar extension across the back of my house, I imagine it with a sloped ceiling, no flat part.

Katz Tue 20-Oct-15 07:57:52

We have sloped with sky lights looks great and feels much bigger.

I'm still trying to work out 4 years later what to put on the old back wall where the roof connects to the building its a bug long rectangle and needs something - just not sure what!

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