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Grey bifold with white kitchen window?

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gabbybaby Sat 17-Oct-15 08:26:41

We're in the middle of an extension and need to order windows & bifolds. We want anthracite grey aluminium bifold doors (they're not huge. Only 3 glass panels). The back of the house isn't flush, so the bifolds and the kitchen window are not next to each other. We have a huge kitchen window which is further out into the garden. Obviously grey bifolds are very popular, but what do people then do for kitchen windows? Grey window frames seems a bit strange - they would generally be white, wouldn't they? - but I don't want the colours to be mismatched. What have other people done, or what do you think is the right way to do this? Thanks!

Lovelybitofsquirrel Sat 17-Oct-15 08:44:17

We have had new kitchen window in anthracite to match bifolds, I think the grey windows look good.

AesopsMables Sat 17-Oct-15 08:50:00

We are having grey bifold doors and keeping white windows.

White bifolds would look strange as we have a cream painted outside brickwork and grey painted windows internally is not an option.

Our roof lantern which is going near the bifolds will be same grey externally but will be white inside also.

I see lots of grey bifolds with white windows, to me it does not look strange. Have a look online for pics?

VeryPunny Sat 17-Oct-15 08:54:06

Have you considered white bifolds? I think that anthracite is going to look very dated and that it only really works well against white walls; not a fan of it against brick.

Marmitelover55 Sat 17-Oct-15 10:31:17

We have grey bifolds and grey matching windows. Upstairs we still have the original white wooden sashes. I think it looks fine but was keen to have the inside/outside if the extension all the same.

Personally I don't like white aluminium bifolds as I think they look like upvc.

Marmitelover55 Sat 17-Oct-15 10:33:45

Outside view

gabbybaby Sun 18-Oct-15 08:49:41

Thanks all. VeryPunny - the outside of our house is being re-rendered in white, so that's not an issue. I want the grey, we're just unsure about what that means for the kitchen window. We've considered the different colour inside and out for that. Marmitelover - thanks for the pic. The layout is very similar. We also don't have the funds to replace all windows, so upstairs windows are remaining white.

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