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Please will you share your bathroom/en suite colour schemes?

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JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-Oct-15 13:42:19

I had this same thread in Chat earlier in the week, and got some lovely ideas, but hoping for a few more.

Need to decide on a colour scheme within the next week but I can't! I'm one of those people who choice is wasted on, and who can't make a decision. There are lots of schemes I think are 'nice' but none that are really grabbing me. Can you give me any ideas?

Any inspiration gratefully received smile

Ipanema01 Fri 16-Oct-15 15:11:16

I am also that person smile
We are having our loft done at the moment and I am going for everything white. Tiny white hexagonal tiles on the floor with dark grout, white subway tiles on the walls with white grout. I was hoping to have the shower wall in white bookmatched statuario marble to add interest but I haven't managed to find anyone to cut and install it in time so I'm having to reluctantly let go of that idea.
To me, white is timeless, and if you like colour you can always add it into the bathroom with accessories/furniture/mirrors.

Twitterqueen Fri 16-Oct-15 15:22:44

I have white tiles, medium size, and they have very light grey streaks through them. I have a black matte marble pattern vinyl floor. In the downstairs loo the vanity top is black gloss marble pattern. I have one feature wall in the main bathroom, where I have small mosaic black, gold, silver sparkly tiles down the middle of the wall. And in the downstairs loo, the same mosaic colours but as a trim, not tile.

I think it looks fab!

pinechesterdrawers Fri 16-Oct-15 16:08:58

we couldnt decide for our new en suite either and didnt want anything too glam looking as our house is casual with a lot of white walls and wood flooring.

thought that if we went for warm grey or neutral coloured wall tiles, i'd go off it in a few years.

we played it safe and went for 30x20cm large white metro tiles bottom half and white paint top half. grey grout and it looks great.

we put a lovely wood effect porcelain floor down.

its very simple or as my sister would say "plain and boring".

i like it because i can jazz it up with scion/orla kiely towels etc.

pinechesterdrawers Fri 16-Oct-15 16:13:46

i appreciate our ensuite is very dull and uninspiring!

SheSparkles Fri 16-Oct-15 16:21:42

White suite with black hi gloss cupboards, black sparkly wetwall and White sparkly ceiling panels. No surface needs to be painted so zero maintenance

SheSparkles Fri 16-Oct-15 16:22:14

Oops I missed out the black vinyl flooring grin

TremoloGreen Fri 16-Oct-15 18:37:34

I'm planning to do mine v much like pinechesterdrawers's. Going to lay the floor in a herringbone pattern to add a bit of visual interest and do up an old unit with a marble top to make a vanity. Big mirrors, lots of plants. Plain but relaxing and I won't go off it or have it date horribly.

TremoloGreen Fri 16-Oct-15 18:42:29

Having white grout though. Second bathroom, same wall tile with a large format morrocan/geometric design in dark taupe/white with a darkish colour paint. Mahoosive shower with a built in radio grin

Dungandbother Fri 16-Oct-15 19:20:55

I've dark grey tiles and black grout. Doesn't show a speck.

Will put some pics on

Wishfulmakeupping Fri 16-Oct-15 19:24:04

We've got big grey tiles with dark grout. Dark flooring and purple blinds/towels/accessories

wonkylegs Fri 16-Oct-15 19:25:14

White and oak in one - White walls, warm white textured tiles, porcelain travertine stone colour floor, oak skirting, oak cabinet under basin, oak mirror and oak floating shelves.
The other is white walls, white 1/2 height wood panelling, huge white mirror, white tiles, royal blue rubber floor, blue and red artwork/hooks/accessories

Dungandbother Fri 16-Oct-15 19:26:41

It's fairly small though my ensuite.
It's grey grout looking closer and the tiles in the shower is the same one above the sink for a splash back

Kitsmummy Fri 16-Oct-15 19:42:25

Here is my brand new bathroom - black limestone flooring, marble metro tiles and some moss green on the bath/blind, I'm so in love with it!

JuanPotatoTwo Fri 16-Oct-15 23:53:22

Thanks for sharing, and particular thanks for the pictures - they look lovely. That's the problem - I like the sound /look of all of them!

If I play it safe and go for white how much of a pain is a white floor? Does it show every last pube hair? Any thoughts on painted glass which I believe is a thing now?

pinechesterdrawers Sat 17-Oct-15 12:15:09

my parents have put small 30x30 white with a tiny sort of glitter fleck polished porcelain on their bathroom floor. grouting is grey.

she has mentioned she gets watermarks and hair/dirt does show up but she will say she doesnt clean the floor more than a couple of times a week except where spot cleaning is needed.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 17-Oct-15 22:17:18

pinechester I like the sound of your parents' tiles.

I went tile shopping this morning and found these for the walls of the shower cubicle.

JuanPotatoTwo Sat 17-Oct-15 22:18:26

So just need to decide on floor tiles and wall colours.

Dungandbother Sun 18-Oct-15 01:17:22

They are lovely
I can imagine having a shower in a sparkly place would be fab

JuanPotatoTwo Sun 18-Oct-15 14:10:43

Thanks dung, they're sort of mother-of-pearly and I think they're really pretty. Will need some sort of contrast for floors and rest of walls.

pinechesterdrawers Sun 18-Oct-15 15:00:08

beautiful. grey polished porcelain floor and white on walls?

Jcee Sun 18-Oct-15 15:11:06

We have the 1st pic in our ensuite.

It wasn't big enough for the grey stripe on floor so we have all vanilla white on floor, grey on walls and grey grout.

Am a year in and liking that the tiles around shower don't need much cleaning or show muck but as pine says you do see hair on floor with it being light coloured.

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