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Is it me or is the shower at the end of the bed in this flat?

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Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:35:42

Tiny wee studio flat in London.
I'm sure that it's a shower cubicle squeezed in at the end of the bed there.

Passmethecrisps Thu 15-Oct-15 22:38:04

It defo is. Heavens above what people need to put up with to buy in London sad

Catzpyjamas Thu 15-Oct-15 22:39:04

Yep! You can watch tv while you wash your hair...

Noeuf Thu 15-Oct-15 22:40:03

Yes, look at the floor plan - shower cubicle

Chewbecca Thu 15-Oct-15 22:40:26

Haha, it is, look at the floor plan. And when you say bed, that's also the sofa.

I didn't realise at first that pic 2 is the outside, it is a detached hut thingy in the car park!

Bet it'll sell easily though, would be an suitable pied-a-terre.

Tuiles Thu 15-Oct-15 22:40:58

That's some kind of convert shed in a car park - utter bonkers!!

Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:41:05

Dear God, it really is isn't it. WT actual F. It costs as much as my 3 bed semi too.

motherofallhangovers Thu 15-Oct-15 22:42:27

Wow! You're right. Fuck me that's pricey!

I bought my 3 bed, 2 reception family house (near outstanding schools) for less than that a couple of years ago. Not in London though of course!

motherofallhangovers Thu 15-Oct-15 22:43:11

Cross posts!

Plateofcrumbs Thu 15-Oct-15 22:43:18

Bloody hell that is ridiculous, they want 160-200k and it is not even that central!

sooperdooper Thu 15-Oct-15 22:43:20

Wow just unbelievable, £200k for one room, how depressing sad

GiddyOnZackHunt Thu 15-Oct-15 22:45:04

It looks like a converted public convenience confused

Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:45:54

Although next to this it seems like a bargain:

Plateofcrumbs Thu 15-Oct-15 22:45:59

Love the description - 'quirky living area'. And they have the audacity to describe it as a bathroom grin. Estate agents!!

Signoritawhocansway Thu 15-Oct-15 22:46:17

Man! That's just a bit bigger than our bedroom in the new three bed end terrace we're buying. For less than the minimum guide price! THIS is crazy!

mangocoveredlamb Thu 15-Oct-15 22:46:34

But at least it's got a, much coveted, own front door!

ouryve Thu 15-Oct-15 22:48:00

Good grief - that room is smaller than my bedroom in my modest 800 sq ft 2 up 2 down terrace.

It's definitely something to lodge to save on commuting, while your family enjoy a proper house, rather than to live permanently, isn't it.

Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:49:05

And it has it's own parking is in a car park

Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:50:23

Its only on repeated viewing that I realised that it's actually the building in picture 2. You couldn't get a mortgage on that could you?

ouryve Thu 15-Oct-15 22:51:47

At least you can swing a cat in that second one.

With the amount of work needing doing to get rid of all that damp, I would hope the current occupiers aren't taking that splendid cooker with them when they move. There's got to be at least a quid's worth of parcel tape holding it together.

ElizabethG81 Thu 15-Oct-15 22:53:03

Is it actually that shed in the 2nd picture?! I'm amazed at what people will put up with to live in London.

Lj8893 Thu 15-Oct-15 22:53:06

Fucking hell! I thought that was a public toilet at first in picture 2 before I realised it was the property. Crazy.

I could buy a 3 bed in my quite naice area for that money!

Emochild Thu 15-Oct-15 22:53:28

I could get 2 of them in my living room! and I live in a 3 bed, Victorian terrace oop north

It's also more expensive than my house!

Racundra Thu 15-Oct-15 22:54:43

Hey- that first one was bigger than my first flat!
(damn sight more expensive though)

Pipbin Thu 15-Oct-15 22:55:06

And with deep apologies to any MNers who live there, looking at the street view of the area I wouldn't even slow down in the car, let alone live in a shed in a car park!

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