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Best engineered wood floor

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Hullygully Wed 14-Oct-15 10:33:36

Got to have engineered as underfloor heating. Can't stand wood that looks laminate/fake...what is the best engineered around?

etoiledemer Wed 14-Oct-15 11:21:49

Don't use Naked Floors in Brighton! Their products look beautiful in the showroom and the day they are installed but terrible a week later and the aftercare is absolutely non-existent.

We'll probably have to replace ours so am watching with interest.

Ruhrpott Wed 14-Oct-15 13:26:18

Wouldn't say it's the best but we used discountflooringdirect. It's been down two years now and it is still good. You can get samples sent to you for free and then afterwards we got an email giving us another 10% off.

Deux Wed 14-Oct-15 17:00:04

We've got engineered wooden flooring by Furlong. I think it's called One Step 189.

It's been down 2 years and looks great still.

Deux Wed 14-Oct-15 17:01:54

Sorry it's Next Step 189.

Hullygully Wed 14-Oct-15 17:44:42


I don't trust anyone - I've ordered loads of samples from different places and I don't like any of em so far..

Bakeoffcake Wed 14-Oct-15 20:42:32

When we had ours done we got a local carpenter to do it.
He brought some samples which were much better quality than the ones I'd sent off for. Sorry I don't know where he got it from but it might be an idea for you to contact some local tradesmen.

CeeCee123 Wed 14-Oct-15 20:55:04

Can I suggest you visit a showroom? I spent weeks ordering samples, receiving little bits of wood in the post, not liking any of them, ordering more and so on and so on. Half an hour in a showroom with full sized pieces to look at, and I found what I wanted. I have been very happy with Havwoods and their customer service, but haven't installed it yet so cannot comment on quality.

Willow33 Wed 14-Oct-15 20:57:51

We went to Builders to the public. We have had a lot of compliments on our engineered wood flooring.

Hullygully Thu 15-Oct-15 17:19:48

Thanks, I need to do that!

TalkinPeece Thu 15-Oct-15 17:44:25

I have the normal stuff as no under floor heating
but have a look at this

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