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Cost for putting a staircase from first floor to loft conversion?

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SWFARMER Tue 06-Oct-15 21:49:34

Pretty much that really.

Online it says between £700-£1000.

Our loft is already converted but we have a drop down ladder. Would really like stairs put in to make it a fourth bedroom?

Also how long does it take? A lot of mess I'm presuming?

lalalonglegs Tue 06-Oct-15 21:52:04

I'd expect to pay that at least for the staircase so you'd need to pay for a carpenter to fit it too. Are you sure that your loft meets regulations to be used as a bedroom - they generally don't if there is only ladder access.

SWFARMER Tue 06-Oct-15 21:58:58

Well it was used as a large office and storage space prior.. When I was younger we had a loft converted into a bedroom which wasn't standard or net regulations I presume but we still used it as a bedroom?

I also read that 95% of loft conversions in the UK actually done meet building regs so didn't think it was a problem.. Only if I were to sell and try and say it was the fourth bedroom. Which in this case I'm not, I just want it to be my bedroom

SWFARMER Tue 06-Oct-15 22:00:39

Don't * stupid auto correct

gingerdad Tue 06-Oct-15 22:29:09

Our stairs where about 800. Then fitting which was part of the job. But was at least a days work for 3 so £450 or so minimum.

gingerdad Tue 06-Oct-15 22:29:37

Our LC is one of the 5%.

SWFARMER Tue 06-Oct-15 22:32:40

Ginger so 1250 altogether? Not as bad as I thought.

I'm a FTB so all very new to me. LC done by previous owners and was classed as loft room.. We didn't buy because of LC so didn't think to really ask much about it. Not actually sure how we'd find out if it was done within building regs?

Marmitelover55 Tue 06-Oct-15 23:23:43

I could be wrong but think lots of building regs for loft conversions are to do with escaping if there is a fire. Personally I would not wish to sleep in a bedroom which didn't meet these regs as a minimum.

SWFARMER Wed 07-Oct-15 07:10:32

And how would I know if it has them? We have two large sky light windows and if we had stairs put in town we'd obviously have stairs..

lalalonglegs Wed 07-Oct-15 08:17:21

You could check with LA - usually they have an online database showing what permissions etc have been awarded to a particular property but they may only go back a certain amount of years. It would be unwise to enquire directly with the council as, if you later decide to get indemnity insurance (usually if you try to sell it on), then your enquiry would invalidate it.

gingerdad Wed 07-Oct-15 08:21:47

We've ended up with a lot of pointless fire doors. As the builder who is also a retained ff said the ceilings aren't and it's more likely to be kept in and go up failing to set the 17 smoke alarms we also have off. But hey-Ho building regs insisted be change all down stairs doors and bedrooms - agree with the bedrooms not the down stairs. And to add all of our rooms have an escape route.

mandy214 Wed 07-Oct-15 09:53:36

I think it is also to do with head height in the actual loft and clearance where the stairs connect - our neighbours have just had a loft conversion and know it will not be approved because there is insufficient head height to meet the requirements. Might be completely wrong though!

gabbybaby Wed 07-Oct-15 11:56:56

Following this as we had someone come round yesterday to measure for a staircase for our loft conversion. He said he's send me the quote today (we need it in a hurry as the builders will be ready to put the new stairs in within the next couple of weeks). I'll let you know when I receive it!

StarOnTheTree Wed 07-Oct-15 12:17:29

I'm having the same thing done next week and the actual staircase is £450. Then my builder has to add steps because of the high ceiling and he's extending the landing slightly to fit it all in. I also need heating and sockets in the room so it will cost around £1,500. Then carpets and decorating and blinds and furniture

I'll be using it as an unofficial bedroom too but with proper stairs and smoke alarms I'm not too worried about safety. There will be full standing room at the top of the stairs.

SWFARMER Wed 07-Oct-15 13:21:50

Thanks js star. Mine has the carpets and electric and heating already up there. And there is full standing height and two sky light windows up there.

Literally just need the stair case putting in so I'm hoping for around 1000! I hope!!

What type of stair case are you having?

mandy214 Wed 07-Oct-15 13:29:49

I think you need 2m at the top of the stairs to conform with building regs - its not simply standing height.

SWFARMER Wed 07-Oct-15 13:55:10

Thanks mandy as stated I'm not really bothered about building regs. I didn't do the conversion the previous owners did. I want to use it as a bedroom rather than a perfectly good room gather dust hence the need for stairs to be put in

mandy214 Wed 07-Oct-15 14:34:17

I know, just wanted to follow through on my rather vague post above. I don't think you can officially use it as a bedroom without building regs though.

SWFARMER Wed 07-Oct-15 14:56:19

Yeah I know when it comes to sell it'll just say loft room not fourth bedroom but I don't think we will be selling for a few years. I hope!

StarOnTheTree Wed 07-Oct-15 17:10:44

What type of stair case are you having?

Just a normal bog standard staircase but with a few extra steps at the bottom that will go round to the staircase. So facing the wall on the landing we'll open the door, go up 2 or 3 steps that will take us round to the right and up a full flight of stairs.

Mine was also built by the previous owners and will officially be a loft room rather than a bedroom. The skylight windows are already in, walls plastered and proper floor but it's only ever been used as loft space which is such a waste. The builder is also putting in an extra wall and a door so I can have an under the stairs cupboard on the landing for all the crap that is currently in the loft

Notgrumpyjustquiet Wed 07-Oct-15 17:27:13

I think the building regs thing also provides reassurance that you won't be overloading the ceiling joists on floor below with all the furniture, clothes, filing cabinets etc depending on what you intend to use the space for, as well as ensuring adequate means of escape. It's your risk though, unless or until you decide to sell up but when I was buying, a colleague who is a structural engineer made me swear to never even consider a property where there should have been planning or building control sign off but the seller hadn't obtained it.

StarOnTheTree Wed 07-Oct-15 18:09:34

My builder has checked the loft and he's doing some bits that are needed to get it up to standard but it's minor stuff and he's checked that it's all safe to use as a room. The house is a big old Victorian house so there are lots of anomalies that I've had checked by builders, some of them because the mortgage provider/insurer insisted or advised be checked like the sloping floors

SWFARMER Wed 07-Oct-15 19:17:21

Thanks all. It was previously used as an office and storage. They had a lot of heavy stuff up there! Including a huge old water tank so I'm hoping it'll be alright. Of course we will get a builder to check were able to use as bedroom before putting stairs in :-)

DingbatsFur Thu 08-Oct-15 00:37:47

Be careful of your insurance.
If you use a room that has not passed building control as safe as a bedroom you could invalidate your insurance should there be a fire or similar incident.

SWFARMER Thu 08-Oct-15 11:35:27

Well the only fire that would be able to startup there would be through electrical fault and that would happen whether we had stairs in or not as the previous owners have converted it?!?! I'm simply putting stairs in, instead of the drop down ladder which I cannot use.

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