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Since when did curtain poles start costing more than the fabric?

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itmustbeglove Thu 01-Oct-15 11:10:56

Browsing the JL website for curtain poles I can't believe the costs. I want 3 simple but stylish poles and some of them are £500 each.
People must buy them presumably. Is a curtain pole important?

goblinhat Thu 01-Oct-15 11:20:54

I go for simple B&Q jobs. I bought a pair for my living room last week- 3 m long, each cost £25. Each to their own.

Etak15 Thu 01-Oct-15 11:24:04

Think JL is probs not the best place for curtain poles? Get yourself to wilko's I bought one for £11 extends to 280cm of course is only light/medium weight one but they have massive range.

PigletJohn Thu 01-Oct-15 11:42:54

Homebase are also good.

I did once buy a very large, brass, corded pole from Argos which I was happy with at a low price. It was ordered online and delivered, not held at the shop (I hate Argos shops)

MyBoysAreFab Thu 01-Oct-15 11:45:19

I got a really nice cream wooden one in B & M for £7. Looks great and as good as the much dearer ones I looked at.

itmustbeglove Thu 01-Oct-15 11:51:59

Thanks. There are a few much cheaper online companies (i'm rural so online is much easier), I was just shocked at the prices.

Bambooshoots14 Thu 01-Oct-15 12:11:52

Yes JL is crazy for curtain poles. I found Next and Wilko have some cheaper good quality ones (avoid the thin ones)

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Thu 01-Oct-15 12:21:13

I've used Poles Direct in the past and been pleased with both price & quality. They carry lots of different ranges, but obviously some are better than others though. Trouble with some of the cheaper poles at the sheds is that (imho) the quality is crap - you get what you pay for, as my grandma used to say - although when dressing our last house for sale we removed our expensive poles and replaced with cheap yes from Been & Queued wink

eBay has been good for me too - we like vintage/antique stuff and I found some very naice, originally extremely expensive poles very cheaply there.......only ishoo was they were collection only, which was a bit of a faff and added to the price, but a road trip is always good if it involves a stop off at Gloucester services grin

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Thu 01-Oct-15 12:22:26

cheapies not cheap yes hmm

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