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electrician from hell - help!!

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Audrey0989 Wed 30-Sep-15 15:08:41

We are completing a flat renovation. Our electrician, who's a subcontractor to our builder, initally was pretty good, but started not showing up on a few days, then was gone for a week. Then started showing up again.

But recently, he no showed again for a week which, since we are near the end of it, really delayed the move-in.

So we had to bring someone else in else we'd be burning $$ like mad on rent.

How the problem is this - this guy is threatening to report us to the council for bringing someone else in and certifying on the work.

But obviously, we do not want this guy to ever set foot in our flat so have zero plans to bring him back to certify/complete his work. He's also doing a bunch of other things - charging us for things that he says were "extras" and claiming to send invoice after invoice for stupid things. And all the while, we do not have a contract w/ him - our builder does - and he's refusing to talk to our builder bc I think he's afraid of our builder. haha.

So the question is this - has anyone dealt w/ something like this? We want to do things properly so will pay for someone else to come in and certify our place for building control purposes - but is it true this can't be done by anyone else but the original electrician?? I can't imagine us being the only ppl this has happened to. And I will not hold my breath as I think based on his behavior, he is capable of reporting to the council just to wreck our lives.

What are my options??

Thank you so much mummies!~

lighteningirl Wed 30-Sep-15 16:18:31

Got an electrician here is he NIc Napit or eca registered (should say on his quote)

lighteningirl Wed 30-Sep-15 16:22:19

These are the main governing bodies for electricians (might have spelt them wrong) my sparky says another electrician can give you a periodic certification for the first guys works (effectively same as a completion cert) and a completion cert for his (second guys) work. He has nothing to report you to the council for so my sparky says tell him you will contact his governing body and trading standards. And if he threatens you you will also report him to police for threatening behaviour and notify his governing body.

lighteningirl Wed 30-Sep-15 16:24:55

You will need to pay him for any work he has done but not for anything clearly made u p. Sparkys aren't cheap have had my whole house and outside workshop done in stages and this guy is about £200 a day plus parts.

Audrey0989 Wed 30-Sep-15 16:25:52

Thanks lighteningirl! He's STROMA certified. But very helpful about the periodic certification + completion cert !

lighteningirl Wed 30-Sep-15 16:43:07

Tell him you will call Stroma and report him for failing to compete and then threatening you, my says they will come down like a ton of bricks on him so the threat should do it. I would be tempted to say you are going to forward all his invoices and ask Stroma to check them too.

beaufontboy Wed 30-Sep-15 19:42:28

Lighteningirl is spot on, get shot of him after paying him for what he has done, assuming it is all safe and good, (£170 ish a day for here in south Wales) and then get someone who is NICEIC/NAPIT registered to check it and issue a cert, (not all sparks are happy certifying somebody else's work so you may have to shop around)

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