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Anyone had a kitchen from Solid Wood Kitchen

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Nugentl Fri 25-Sep-15 20:27:26

Would really love a solid wood kitchen and this company seem very reasonable, but can't find many reviews apart from those on their site. Has anyone had any dealing with them, good or bad! :-)

Gusthetheatrecat Sat 26-Sep-15 09:53:19

Hello, I think that this company is an alternative name of DeTerra, from whom we bought our kitchen. I would recommend them but with reservations!
The cabinets and doors and everything they supplied are lovely. Beautiful and lovely quality. I am sure we couldn't have got anything of a similar quality easily for a similar price.
But the downside to this is all the other stuff. Their customer service is ok. They do no design service whatsoever, meaning ordering feels more like doing an enormous online food shop (with a slight sense of panic that you've forgotten a vital ingredient) than ordering a kitchen.
The staff aren't enormously helpful. When I called to ask about a specific width and depth of cabinet, they told me they didn't make it. Fine.... except our kitchen fitter suggested we could instead order the Belfast sink cabinet which was the exact dimensions we wanted,
Our order arrived with a few bits missing (which were sent very quickly afterwards) and our second order for additional bits hasn't been processed so is taking twice as long!
Our kitchen fitter also complained that the cabinets arrived all confusingly packaged and not at all intuitive in terms of assembly. He was convinced for ages that loads of bits were missing, but then found them in a different box.
All that said, I love what we now have. The wood is beautiful. The doors are lovely. I think on balance I would do it all again, just for the lovely quality and the price.

Nugentl Sat 26-Sep-15 23:24:11

Thanks Gusthetheatrecat, yes I think they are the same company, seems to be a few trading under the same name. Yes the whole ordering thing and doing your design is pretty scary, but as you say the price for what look like beautiful oak cabinets may well swing it for me too. Apparently they have just started to offer a pre-built cabinet service, for an additional cost, may take some of the pain out later.
Can I ask did you go for plain oak doors or painted, if painted what colour and are they as expected? My other dilemma is I initially wanted in frame which these aren't!

Gusthetheatrecat Sat 26-Sep-15 23:47:36

We opted for Shaker style doors, and I got them in Manor House grey, which isn't one of their standard colours, but since they do all the F and B colours I just got a load of grey samples and tried them all out endlessly, holding them up against different worktop and tile samples.

The other thing we did was we waited for a really good kitchen fitter (who's done work for us before) to be available. He is a carpenter, so whilst we've waited longer and paid more for him, he's fitted it all beautifully, and where bits haven't quite worked he's basically made stuff for us and we are painting it Manor House Grey. I get the impression that a cheaper 'bog standard' kitchen fitter team might have baulked slightly at our kitchen.
I also lingered over in-frame, but in the end decided that I didn't care that much. Also one of our cupboards is quite small, and using an in-frame design it looked really hilariously dinky!
Actually, two of our neighbours have also had DeTerra kitchens fitted and I think their experiences mirror mine: a bit of a hassle, and some inconveniences along the way, but probably on balance worth it for a lovely product.

Nugentl Sun 27-Sep-15 22:13:39

Really appreciate all the advice, we're a few months off getting the kichen yet (in the middle of an extension) but think you've helped me to make up my mind..... Just need to decide on design & colour now! :-)

popcorn777 Tue 19-Apr-16 11:20:37

Hi, I've just fitted a solid wood kitchen cabinets kitchen. So I have some input if this thread is still open?

marlow11 Wed 11-May-16 23:34:41

I would appreciate any other recent feedback on Solid Wood Kitchen cabinets please

popcorn777 Thu 12-May-16 17:41:29

I've just fitted a kitchen from SWKC.The end product is great but it was painfull getting there. As it was a renovation I had to have the units delivered flatpacked. You can have preassembled units. I had several shortages in the packs, which took 14 days to each to allow for painting. Doors were drilled wrong. The delays allowed some panels time to bow, needing replacements, which didn't match originals hence re-replacement. In total they delivered 5 times to us and the total install was 3 months not 4 weeks. Plumber came 3 times. The 8 piece worktop supply from WT xpress worked a treat (same company) DOS Ltd.

Cheery1 Fri 10-Jun-16 10:53:27

Don't go near them! Avoid!!! As other have said they are a supply only company and this isn't made clear when ordering from them. The units turned up and our really experienced carpenter had to cut up the end panel supplied to make the sink unit useable - when he spoke to their customer services, they said it was a common problem yet they still send the same sink unit. The product looks nice but isn't fit for purpose and their only response is you should have got a kitchen designer - not mentioned at all at point of sale. Also, they didn't drill the grooves in the wooden worktop as discussed so we had to do this, again at more expense.

The company refused to take any responsibility for anything, including our kitchen being delivered a day late due their own administrative error (they sent it to the wrong depot) meaning we lost a day of labour costing £600. Such a stressful experience and customer service was dreadful. Really not worth it - avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

user1469183064 Fri 22-Jul-16 11:35:03

After spending over £9000 with Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets on a new kitchen, unfortunately I cannot recommend this company. Generally the product is satisfactory quality, however some items I was sent were veneered and their rude and abrasive customer service is appalling. Taking months to issue refunds and weeks to replace items is unacceptable.

We had to spend hundreds on our carpenter re-installing replaced items!

My advise, buy your kitchen elsewhere.

ShortLass Sun 24-Jul-16 08:41:31

Have a look at

If you do a search on Mumsnet, there are some good reports from people who've used them (or ask all afresh). I am planning to get my kitchen from them and have paid my deposit (slightly excited). You can view their kitchens in person in showrooms in Esher or Christchurch.

They have a sale on until Wednesday. You don't need to decide on cabinets yet, just book up your delivery slot and pay deposit to secure price. Beware their slots are currently booked 6 months ahead. You only need to confirm your design 7 weeks before delivery.

ahmedsh Fri 02-Dec-16 14:45:18

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