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Exterior window paint - F&B French Gray or cream OPINIONS PLEASE

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acazc Fri 25-Sep-15 17:14:30

I really love French Gray and would like to paint the windows and doors with it, but am worried that the mix of stone on the house combined with this colour may look fussy. Opinions please! Pics of front and rear attached. Many thanks.

OliviaBenson Fri 25-Sep-15 17:16:24

I think it would look lovely! Not fussy at all. :-)

justanotherquestion Fri 25-Sep-15 17:51:55

I think either would look lovely. However, we painted our front door in French Gray, Farrow and Ball and within 6 months it was blistering in many places. It faces SW and so gets a reasonable amount of sun, but it is in a porch, so is protected to some extent. Something to think about......

whats4teamum Fri 25-Sep-15 18:48:06

Blistering is caused by contamination on the substrate. Inadequate preparation means whatever is below the paint is pushing it off. Hence causing blistering. You can't blame the paint when it is a poorly prepped surface.

MadrigalElectromotive Fri 25-Sep-15 18:59:43

I'd go for cream - I think it is more classic.

Beautiful house!

DickDewy Sat 26-Sep-15 21:49:50

We have had French Gray on our patio doors (and some of our garden benches) for about 4 years and it is like new.

I think it would look lovely on this pretty house.

Roseandbee Sun 27-Sep-15 14:06:08

I think French gray would look really nice as its more muted than cream. Lovely house!

acazc Tue 29-Sep-15 22:04:41

Thank you all for your input - incredibly helpful and I think I do now want French Gray for sure. X

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