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Cost of bifolds

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Imperialleather2 Wed 23-Sep-15 20:43:39

We're having an extension done and having 5m of bifolds. I thought the rule of thumb was £1k a metre so. £5k.

Express bifoldshave quoted just under£10k. Which is way over budget.

Does anyone have any recommendations and care to share what they paid.


almondfinger Wed 23-Sep-15 21:20:10

We are currently researching bifolds and I found both of the links below interesting.

WhoTheFIsJeff Wed 23-Sep-15 21:21:46

Ours are aluminium and cost 4k for 4 meters.

camtt Wed 23-Sep-15 21:24:06

I have aluminium sliders but also looked at aluminium bifolds which would have been about 3,200 for a 2.4 m length (recent purchase)

Marmitelover55 Wed 23-Sep-15 22:03:03

We had 3 leaf 2.4m aluminium Origin Easifold bifolds fitted last year and they cost £3,400. We are very pleased with them.

MrsJamin Wed 23-Sep-15 22:46:59

We have oak ones from creative bifold-doors, 2400 for 4m. They are wonderful and our chippy commented a few times on how well made and designed they were.

suzyrut Thu 24-Sep-15 10:51:17

We are in the process of having ours fitted now. 3.6m (3 panel) for £4300. We had thee other quotes from express bifolds (a few hundred pounds more) a local company (again a bit more) and slide and fold (few hundred pounds less).

You should ask them what is driving the price as they should be able to tell you. In the end we decided to reduce our opening slightly from 3.8m as it made them a bit more expensive (and wouldn't have looked so nice) because the maximum panel size is 1.2m.

I can recommend UKbifold who have been lovely so far, but what really sold them to us was that they come out and service every year for 10 years, they also guarantee all parts for 10 years not just the frames as the moving parts are where they often fail.

yomellamoHelly Thu 24-Sep-15 11:26:35

We have just had 3.8m (four leaves) bifolds put in for just under £4k. 2.1m high.

Chapsie Thu 24-Sep-15 19:17:54

There are so many variables. I needed up with a spreadsheet of quotes from so many companies. I did become apparent that the amount of aluminium framing is what used the cost ie narrower panes in a 4 leaf set cost more than 3 big panes over the same distance. I also found the 'quality' a lot. Also, every single one quoted at least 20% higher than their 'final, prices so you MUST haggle!

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