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Oh my! please help us decide where to move to!!

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blueblizz Tue 15-Sep-15 09:32:10

I recently wrote a thread about idea to move to the Isle of Wight. We have decided that although we love it there it may not tick as many boxes as we originally thought.We love the sea and have always said we would go back there when we have children. My children are 7 and 2 and we are in between schools with the eldest one waiting for a place in local school. We live North of London and are used to quite a busy life with dh needing to get into london. We have narrowed our house search to two areas both we have lived in before...near to new forest/ Lymington (expensive homes butnear to Southampton with city amenities, woods, sea and Isle of Wight) and outskirts of Bexhill EAst Sussex (peaceful, can afford much bigger house n garden! near family and sea.)
I know you can't have everything but can't decide on that dream of a much bigger house for my family is worth it versus being closer to a bit more buzzy life. Please can anyone give advice or offer experience. We've been told our house would sell quickly and my dd is happy to move!
Anyone sing praises for those areas? Thank you

Sunnyshores Tue 15-Sep-15 16:24:27

I dont know Bexhill, but know Lymington area fairly well. It is lovely and apart from the awful traffic I cant think of a downside. BUT I wouldnt move there because I wanted to spend time in Southampton, which I think is an awful, soulless, unattractive place.

How about Winchester or Chichester instead?

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Tue 15-Sep-15 17:08:31

I'm with Sunnyshores wink

DH is from Southampton (and I lived there whilst a student) and we've spent a lot of time in the New Forest/Lymington area which is lovely (although not a fan of the number of cyclists in the NF these days!), but I hate Southampton as a shopping destination/place to spend time generally. It is definitely soulless and unattractive imho. I certainly wouldn't choose to live somewhere in order to be close to Southampton.

Last time I was in Bexhill (probably 8-9 years ago) I wasn't impressed, but think it's most likely improved since then grin

Chichester would get my vote.

cittigirl Tue 15-Sep-15 17:12:09

I would choose Lymington over Bexhill definitely. Is Brighton out of your budget?

blueblizz Tue 15-Sep-15 23:21:11

Ooh lovely people.....thank you for your replies. In the present climate we are so very very lucky to have choices as to where we can live!!! Have been to Chichester and that was lovely. Agree with points made about Southampton. ......but did find john Lewis and ikea useful when we lived near there when first married. The traffic is terrible in forest...seen couple houses in Pennington up from Lymington. Where else in or near forest could we get a bit more house for our money? I've never been very keen on Brighton so would drive to Lewes or trip to London if opted for Sussex. The only answer is to view properties and drive the local areas I suppose. Does anyone live bexhill/Eastbourne way (dare I say who is under 60?)

blueblizz Wed 16-Sep-15 09:35:54

If you live in Chichester.....is it far to a beach for a good dog walk? It does look a lovely place.

Sunnyshores Wed 16-Sep-15 11:08:15

East and West Whittering - one is touristy, the other lovely and unspoilt. Hayling Island is a bit further on, it also has an old train line you can walk/cycle along. Bosham (Bozam) is gorgeous, very expensive though. Nice walks, waterfront pubs and cafes.

Sunnyshores Wed 16-Sep-15 11:11:43

sorry spelling... Witterings

CityDweller Wed 16-Sep-15 14:08:39

Eastbourne is now popular with young families, I think. Much cheaper than Brighton and Lewes but still easily accessible to both. I have a friend who lives there with young kids and she likes it! She's always posting fb photos of them out and about doing fun things. My grandfather commuted Eastbourne-London most of his life, so it's doable!

I love Bexhill (well, I love the De la Warr pavilion), but am not sure whether it mightn't be a bit 'grim seaside' in winter?

I really love Lewes and think that'd be an amazing place to bring up kids. Loads of great primaries, good community spirit, lots going on in town, beautiful countryside around. I often read this blog and pine to live there www.littlelewes.com

Also heard good things about Worthing. And Horsham, if you want closer to London.

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