Painting furniture

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TeeManyMartoonis Mon 14-Sep-15 19:58:19

DH and I decided to paint our pine wardrobes. We will sand them, prime them then paint them with Dulux. Don't think he wants the shabby chic look. I then realised that we had a can of Rust-Oleum in the cupboard. We have dark wood varnished corner cabinets which I hate and after researching found we could apply this stuff straight on. We figured as it was easy we may as well do the cabinets with that. DH has done half a cabinet today and it is not great. Coverage is very uneven, took loads of spraying and the stuff drips.

What now? Do I buy a tin of the Rust-Oleum chalk paint? Can it just go over the wood? This was supposed to be fun and I am stressed

Thank you!!

wowfudge Tue 15-Sep-15 09:30:15

Sand the drips back and try another coat. Try spraying a horizontal surface, so put the item you're painting on its side and do more light coats.

If it isn't improved you can sand it all back and start again with water based satinwood paint and a small gloss roller. If you buy quick drying non drip satinwood it goes on better with a brush but probably isn't the smooth look you are looking for - better the chalk paint, but still looks hand painted.

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