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Help with tiles for my bathroom

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carmugz Sun 13-Sep-15 21:33:16

Hi Dh and I want to use these tiles on floor:

We have ordered this bathroom cabinet:

The rest is pretty standard, ie shower and loo - white etc.

We dont have a clue what wall tiles to put with the gloss white cabinet and light gloss grey floor tiles.

Can anyone help?

Budget for wall tiles is £40 m sq max.

Not into mosaic or patterns. Just something to go and subtle.

Will gloss white tiles be too shiny with gloss cabinet?

Will i need to seal the polished porcelain floor tiles?
Topps seem to be confused on the issue based on reading the reviews.

carmugz Sun 13-Sep-15 21:44:05


Pretty standard gloss white, nothing exciting!

wowfudge Sun 13-Sep-15 22:17:21

Your link to the tiles doesn't work - the website address is incomplete. If the floor tiles are glossy, won't they be very slippery when wet?

carmugz Sun 13-Sep-15 22:21:38

hope that works.

Its our bathroom so not for the kids. Was thinking of bath mat outside shower. I have non slip porcelain downstairs and dust and dirt gets ground in and trapped in the surface.

Open to any tile ideas you might have.

Tiling on walls will be half height.

carmugz Mon 14-Sep-15 11:28:30

Any ideas please? cheeky post to put to top!

Aftershock15 Mon 14-Sep-15 11:58:00

I have these on one wall of the bathroom, with rectified in grey Matt from topps tiles on the other walls.

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