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Extending bathroom mirrors

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WaitroseEssentialPancetta Fri 11-Sep-15 19:29:00

Has anyone got one and would you recommend it? Ikea want £4.50 and John Lewis want £150. Is there anything good in between? Shall I just get Ikea?

Heelsdown Fri 11-Sep-15 20:34:10

I have an Ikea one and I replace it every few years, takes a couple of minutes in the same screw holes. My bathroom is countryish, rather than swish and it looks fine.

justanotherquestion Fri 11-Sep-15 21:41:36

I wondered the same thing when I got my M&S one a few years ago. It was probably around £25, but I really cannot remember.

The difference, to me, is around how 'solid' it feels. Ours 'wobbles' a bit when we extend it, but it probably just needs tightening. I think the really expensive one's extend by 'stretching', but the one we have sort of 'swings' out, so probably a cheaper mechanism to produce. At the end of the day, it is a mirror and does the job!

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