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Marmalade87 Wed 09-Sep-15 13:59:36

The OH and I are in the process of ordering a new kitchen. The kitchen is chosen, but now we are on to the appliances. I really want a range cooker and we love the look of the Rangemaster.

I am really keen on the Nexus 110 (dual fuel) but is seems to be a new model and so I can't find any reviews. What I really love is the built in flat plate on the hob, but at a few ??100 more than the others, I want to make sure it is worth it.

Has anyone got it, or could recommend a different Rangemaster?

sighbynight Wed 09-Sep-15 16:05:47

I've had a dual fuel Excel 110. I loved it but had to move. So now I am planning a new kitchen around getting exactly the same. It has a slow oven that doubles as a warming drawer, a great griddle for pancakes, a rapid heating oven. It's great.

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